Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, I'm addicted to turpentine fumes:
  • CAN Johan Santana bring some light into the dark scene in Flushing? The Marlins are in town.

  • CAN Tim Lincecum bounce back from his worst start of the year and get back into form against Dan Haren and the Snakes?

  • WHICH one of the teams I declared "dead" will make me look like a complete moron by rattling off a string of 10 straight wins starting tonight?

  • Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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No chance, no, honest to god I'm going to say the Royals.

Not the Royals please

Dammit, now I'm hungry for a cancanwhich.

WILL the WWL show the Dodgers and Cubs two nights in a row?

(hint: yes)

Fukudome just made one of the nicest catches I've seen live all year.

It's home run derby in Balt-i-more. Cripes! Tied at 8 in the fifth.

Nine homers in five innings so far. Millar's got two of the five Oriole taters.

Sounds like he had the Metallica cranked to 11 on his discman before the game.


Berman just went with the inevitable "Hu's on 1st?" joke.

I will now be turning on my XM and listening to Pat Hughes and Ron Santo even tho it's mis-timed w/ my tv. Woulda done that from the start, if not for the hope that Sutcliff would get drunk during the game.

Keep us updated if Santo threatens suicide again.

Jay Bruce is 1-for-1 with two walks so far. He's already gotten on base more in one night than Corey Patterson would get in a fortnight.

That's the Corey Patterson Fortnight Comment Of The Day.

Wait, Julian Taveres pitches for Milwaukee? When did this happen?

Tonight is Tavarez' first night as a Brewer. Poor poor Salomon Torres.

Salomon just came in the game.

And he got the win. Stupid 1 run losses.

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