Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, knock back a couple Cinco cervezas and tune in tonight to find out:

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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WHAT will the National League coasts look like after the Phillies/Snakes and Mets/Dodgers series that start this evening?

My guess: ravaged by the sins of war.

Advice to the Royals: push him into a puddle of AIDS.

My guess: still full of fans I can't fucking stand.

@ Rob I

Zack "A.C." Greinke doesn't find that funny, not at all.

That won't work Rob. Fat people can still pitch.

If any of yous are lucky enough to get the A's/Orioles game in your area, look for the sex machine by the A's dugout in a throwback Canseco jersey.

Sex machine? Like, a vibrator? Ah, nevermind.


I also hear from Commenter Emeritus, Jake Fratelli that he will be sitting behind homeplate at the Red Sox/Tigers game.

I knew we should have made shirts already.

If you want, I'll get super-wasted and shave "WoW" into my chest/gut hair. That will crank up the site hits fo sho.

Mike LOL just hit a two-run ding dong.

I had fish tacos for dinner.

Bring a sign, Farthammer!

I'm here all by myself!

Hey Leyland, how's that rejiggered lineup workin' for ya?

Too bad yall don't have shirts yet. I woulda got WoW poster boy Corey Patterson to sign one.

I think I'm getting dumber just having listened to Steve Phillips for the past 30 minutes.

If we started one of them Cafepress sites and charged the bare minimum for shirts, how many folks would actually buy them?

And by 'bare minimum' I mean 'bare minimum that would still include $18 extra per shirt for CTC and me'.

I should have liveglogged this game since I'm actually, you know, watching it.

Kevin Youkilis with a two-run ding dong of his own!


This is the worst WoWU!AN ever.

what up WoWuan

Anyone just catch Bobby from the Cobra Kai on the Sox broadcast? YYYYEASSH NUMBER 1!!!1

Rule number one of WoWUAN is that you do not greet WoWUAN, you simply start talking.

Hey Lady Rob!

Apparently I am late to the party.

Gotta love Byrnes having The Outfield as his at-bat music.

Hi, Rob!

I thought the first rule of WoWUAN is that you do not talk about WoWUAN?

I'll do you one better, Farthammer: the next Sox game I attend, I vow to wear an extremely low-cut shirt and write WALKOFF WALK across my chest* **.

*not actually true

**said space will clearly be used to write JED on one and JACOBY on the other

No, Lizzy, I was just very early.

Max Scherzer sucks ass. Eat it, D-Backs.

I just got back from seeing Dolly Parton. She was fucking awesome.

I suppose your name is Awesome?

No comment.

No, comment.

Hey I don't kiss and tell like Alyssa Milano and shit.

Alyssa Milano kisses, shits, and then tells.

Huston Street should have been euthanized last Saturday.

I couldn't have shown a sign if I had one. There was this old dude yelling at the kids behind us to stop waving all game.

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