Tonight's Questions

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baby-lobster.jpgHey kids, here's what you should be asking yourself if you have half a goddamned brain:

  • WEREN'T we just talking about the Tigers being back around .500? If they lose to Red Sox tonight they'll be six games under.

  • CAN heralded rookie Nick Adenhart improve on the giant dump he took in his first major league start, tonight against the Royals?

  • WHAT has science done to this poor lobster baby?

  • WHO'S more ornery, Adam Eaton or Randy Johnson?

  • IF the answer is Adam Eaton, can the Dodgers inch closer to the Snakes?

Live from the Indians/Yankees game, Rob will be commenting in this here space. I guess he has one of those Blaxberry handcomputerphones or something. So check that out. Then stop by tomorrow. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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It's Pettitte and Wang and hope nothing goes wrong with these Yanks. Zing!

That's kind of hard, Rob.

It's kind of a stretch.

Please don't remind me of the Eaton-Johnson* matchup, I'm trying to forget that it's happening.

* They're Eaton Johnson! Hee hee heee!!!**

** I am twelve.

I'm just not sure it fits.

that's what she said

Lobster baby is watching you masturbate.

I'm sitting in a parking lot in the Bronx drinking a Yuengling and eating a turkey sub with roasted peppers and arugula. Life doesn't get better than this.

I beg to differ. YOU'RE IN THE BRONX.

@A Pimp Named Daver4470: Is that supposed to deter me?

That explains why i just got mugged by a pigeon. Zing!

You were asking for it by flaunting your sandwich

how abou You Call yr blog :

"iraCANe eat a sandwich at game!"

I'm yr biggest fan.

I hear you crazy kids talking about yeunglins all the time. The fuck are those?

Yuengling is a delicious, flavorful, but somehow still cheap, beer. It is made in Pennsylvania at the oldest brewery in the nation. I drank it all the time at FSU, but for some reason, it's not available here in Boston. If it was it would totally take a share of my beer consumption away from the unerring tyrant, Miller High Life.

It's a beer made from the nectar of the asian youth. Hence the name. Young-ling.

You'd think living in S.F. right next to Chinatown, I would have seen that stuff.

I'll try to look for it more dilligently now. Starting with the gated massage parlors off of Broadway.

I know people in New England who visit Jersey and drive home with cases of the 'ling.

Giambi just beat out a would-be double play. He's got the winged feet of Hermes tonight!

In Philly, yuengling lager is simply referred to as 'lager' just like how in china, chinese food is simply referred to as 'dog'.

We just drink 'shine down here because we are dumb rednecks.

The two worst parts about yankees games are the stadium and the fans. Also, the team plays awful defense and the games are slow. Other than that, i love it!

That Fuckin lobster baby makes me laugh everytime i open my phone

Some team needs to adopt Lobster Baby, a la Rally Monkey.



I'll adopt Lobster Baby if I can name him Pinchy. And then eat him.

Also, I am surprised and impressed by Iracane's mobile grammatical and punctuational aptitude.


That's the way Pinchy would want it.

OMG Jhonny Peralta can has six homers WTFLOL KTHANXBAI

Giants fans can rejoice; not only is their 3rd "ace" Sanchez getting shelled by the Pirates right now, but Zito is coming back from the bullpen to start tomorrow!!!!

Does this mean I wont be able to see him play "Warehouse" at the San Jose Empty Bottle tomorrow night? :(

Matsui scored from first on a Giambi double. It's almost as if he were wearing the sandals of Hermes!

A few points:

Yuengling is Jesus in bottle form.
Lobster Baby is so cute I want to NOM NOM NOM him!
Could the Phillies game please start? If I have to watch another minute of The Military Network with my father I'm going to stab us both.

Matsui and Giambi wear the same size sandal? Who knew

Grady Sizemore made a dive so sweet, Mark Spitz just came.

I had lobster baby bisque last weekend. It was smooth and baby-y.

We used to have Yuengling on tap at my eating club all the time... as a result, I associate it with back-to-back games of Beirut and puking during sophomore hazing.

WOO for my horrendously mismanaged fantasy team. Benched Peralta in favor of Ryan Theriot and his elusive promise of some badly-needed stolen bases... now am missing out on his tasty tater tot while suffocating under the weight of Carmona's 6.23 ERA through 4. MY GOD I HATE THE YANKEES

An eating club? I want in.

Carmona does not wear the sandals of Hermes. This game is a plodder!

Fuck boston and detroit for being two innings ahead of us.

The Celtics and Cavs are playing like blind people.

The Braves new acquisition Greg Norton is batting. Who the hell is this guy? Why did they get a 35 year old switch hitting utility guy?

First, the idiot guys behind me were talking about fantasy baseball. Then, the crowd did the wave. Now, the grounds crew is doing the YMCA for the twelve hundredth time. Burn this stadium down!

This should answer all your questions:

It's farnsworth time! hide your wives and horses!

I drunkenly flicked off the idiots trying to do the wave Saturday night.

Thanks CTC!

2 hitter for Wakefield, Timlin pitches the ninth, Sox win 5-0.

Matsui is three for three. He deserves a Young Ling!

What is the line that "Horse sex jokes" is the first meme that the Combudsman tries to kill on WoW? Will he shoot it on site? Stay glued to your screen, folks.'s hard for me to watch the Cubs play the Reds. The Cubs are my team, as Pops grew up on the North Side, but I'm rooting for all 25 guys on the Cinci roster, hoping that they'll shed the Dusty Scourge ASAP.

FMRA, what club were you in? One of my BFFs from high school was in Cottage.

The Phillies game is FINALLY starting. I hate these school night west coast games.

WTF is an eating club?

Clare, I was in Cap & Gown... that's right next door to Cottage!

I used to love West Coast games because I got to stay up for them. Now I hate them because I have to stay up for them.

get off my lawn etc. etc.

The Joba mystique is ended with a three run ding dong by David Dellucci

Eating clubs are the Princeton answer to the Greek system -- they're co-ed social clubs, basically.

Fuck! I threadjacked!

Too bad the Sox game is ALREADY OVER because Tim Wakefield is a COLD-BLOODED ASSASSIN*.

*if said assassin drove an '87 Buick and used like a 6-shooter to kill people

Randy Johnson might have a million strikeouts, but he also gave up a loooooooong leadoff double to Adam Eaton and a ding-dong to Eric Bruntlett.



I was in my own eating club for a few years in college. It consisted of 2 six footers, a gravity hit, a 64 of OE... followed by an entire jar of alfredo sauce with tortellini and a box of wheat thins and cheese whiz. Dessert was consisted of whatever I washed out of my goatee.

Adam Eaton was 0-0 so far this season and unless there's some heroics from the Phillies' offense he's well on his way to 0-1. Stupid bastard.

Thank you, Joe Mauer. Thank you.

WTF is going on in here?
Oh great, I go for dinner/vid and I missed all the chuckles!
Damn you delicious chow fun, and damn you Michael Clayton!!

IS the comment record in danger if 40% of the posts were from Iricane's Blackberry?

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