Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpg Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Sir Dennis Eaton-Hogg > Adam Eaton

Sea Wolf > Randy Wolf


Robbie Robertson > Nate Robertson

Teen Wolf > Air Wolf > Randy Wolf

Nate Robinson > Nate Robertson

Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood > Nate Robinson

Ian Kennedy > John F. Kennedy

Every Robinson > David Robinson

Drunk Driving > Koren Robinson

Orangutan > Mark Eaton > Adam Eaton

Barbara Eden > Adam Eaton > Jennifer 8 Lee

Elizabeth Montgomery > Barbara Eden

Everything in life up to and including syphilis > this thread

Holy shit my Pac-Man comment is ridiculous. Thanks, HTML!

drinking > html > Koren Robinson


Did you say something earlier about Cust having Polio? After seeing him cost the A's 5 runs in an inning with that error, I agree.

I was the one who assigned him polio.


Not sure how I missed this last night but + a million for the Jennifer 8 Lee reference.

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