Weekend Questions

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Hey kids. Check out your local purveyors of fine televised baseball this weekend and find out:

  • WHICH hot AL West team will continue to notch the wins? Will it be Josh Hamilton (pictured, left) and his Texas Rangers, fresh off a sweep of the miserable Mariners or the Oakland Athletics, winners of four in a row?

  • WILL the Twinkies figure out a way to put some runs on the board against the hot pitching rotation of the Boston Red Sox? Hint: no.

  • CAN the Braves figure out a way to win more than four road games? It won't be too hard; they're going to Pittsburgh.

  • HOW awful is the timing that the Phillies are traveling to San Francisco just in time for Jimmy Rollins to make his triumphant return to shortstop? Awful enough that poor Eric Bruntlett's family won't get a chance to see the kid play.

  • WHY am I answering all my own rhetorical questions?

We owe an entire pallet-ful of Cokes to commenter star Farthammer for emailing us that awesome picture of Josh Hamilton wearing a Ron Washington t-shirt. Enjoy your weekend, watch some baseball, and tune in Saturday and Sunday to read some CTC recaps.

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WHY did the font on this blog all of a sudden change after the first question and rock my world?

Hint: Yes

BTW, CTC. I will be at the Dome on Saturday and Sunday for the big matchup between the two division leaders.

Oooohhhhh...fight fight fight!

It's too bad Livan wasn't pitching against Wakefield. There would be some sort of record set for most "Fast Balls" pitched that didn't reach 84 MPH.

How many batteries do I supply as 'gifts' to the visiting Phillies (and fans)?

That's the second BOLD tag I've fucked up in one day.

I want a University of Washington t-shirt.

Are you kidding? I'd kill 14 people to get one of those shirts.

I'd kill 14 people for a wow shirt.

Seconded. When are those shirts being made available?

And now the Braves have the worst road record in the majors. But the best home record. Stupid sexy pirates


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