Who Are The Ad Wizards That Comment On Mark DeRosa's Blog?

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Mark DeRosa has a not terrible blog on MLBlogs.com and at the end of Sunday's blathering he posed a question to his commenters (NO DUDE, DON'T!) about what he should permanently title his blog. The answers are well... you can probably guess. It took a lot of restraint for me not to reprint the names and emails, but more than one came from an @juno.com address.

  • We love having you on the team, Mark. How about "On De-Road with DeRosa" for your blog? Sorry if it's been suggested already. (This was the second comment.)

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  • Anyway, how about "De-Scoop with De-Ro"? By the way, my wife is from Jersey as well, and we're both big fans. Good luck, man.

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  • How about De-Ro Centro

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  • Look for a sign in the stands when the team visits the D-Backs this year, she is so excited for you to see what she has been working on. It reads "Mark, you are De cream in my coffee, De Rosa in my gardens." Needless to say, she is so pleased with herself for coming up with that. Good luck this season, and if fate would have it and the Cubs meet up with Arizona in the playoffs again this year I hope you give 'em hell.
    Uncle Rodeo

    P.S. You should call your blog "My Blog- by Mark DeRosa" ~Wow, is that the best I can do?

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  • I vote you use actual words in your title, like "Debrief with DeRosa", or just something like "Positions" with Mark DeRosa

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  • I say call it derosabomb!

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  • As for a title to your blog might I suggest "Mindful Musings of Mark Derosa" and if that is to long then maybe "Cleat's Off" with Mark Derosa, or just "Cleat's Off"

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  • Blog name:
    IN THE DUGOUT WITH _________ (your name or nickname)

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There are many, many more. Read if you dare.

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There are no words in my head that can fully express how much I want to blow up the entire Internet right now.

Rockin with Robby I!

Camping with the Tiger!

The Big Lead (off of first base)!

DeRosa Parks Memorial Blog?

It's Delightful, It's Delicious, It's DeRosa!

/I win the internet


Someone actually suggested that on his site.

Angina Pectorosa

Mark DeRosa Presents: Honest to Blog

Deflowering Derosa: an introspective coming-of-age blog

Kiss from DeRosa Na Grave!

Mark DOSRosa's Text-only Cavalcade of Blog-like Content

Is that Charlton Heston slapping a young Tim Russert in those pictures?

I read the first 5 or 6 comments and I think I lost 30-40 IQ points. Yikes!

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