Wild Internet Rumor: Ned Yost to Be Fired

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As per a rumor by "Badger Blogger" posted on Tom Haudricourt's Brewers Blog, Milwaukee Brewers manager Ned Yost will be fired today. Haudricourt does not necessarily believe the rumor or even link to the blog in question but provides the following quotes:

   The blog said it could not "independently confirm" the information but said sources close to the Brewers' organization said Yost would be fired today and replaced by bench coach Ted Simmons.

   The blog said "in the midst of another horrid road trip and on the heels of a sweep by the Boston Red Sox," the decision had been made to replace Yost. It says switching to Simmons "will provide the direction and leadership this team has been so badly lacking."

After being swept by the Red Sox this weekend, the Brewers are in sole possession of last place in the NL Central. Yes, that's behind both Dusty Baker's Reds and the hapless Pirates. Firing someone for that indiscretion? Color me unsurprised.

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I just hope he doesn't come back and go Yostal on them.

/drank way too much this weekend

If you wanna make scrambled eggs you're gonna have to break a few Yosts.


Can't blame them. They're just trying to make the Yost out of a bad situation.

Yost + Batter = French Yost


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