Wild Wacky Walkoff Night in Baseball

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Last night was a good night to have the MLB Extra Innings package. There were only eight games on the ol' schedule but all eight featured something worthwhile, from a no-hitter to a walkoff single to an inside-the-park homer. I don't have Extra Innings but I pretend to: I print out pictures of baseball games and tape them to my bedroom wall.

But hey, even if you were stuck with ESPN and nothing else, you'd have still seen the ninth inning of the no-hitter and the inside-the-park homer, followed by the (usually) engaging Baseball Tonight.

To wit:

  • Cub catcher Geovany Soto hit the inside-the-park homer in Houston after Astros CF Michael Bourn misplayed the shot off the wall. Cubs win 7-2.
  • Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester threw a real live no-hitter against the hapless Royals. Red Sox win 7-0.
  • Nats pitcher Tim Redding was the starting pitcher in both Phillies shutouts this year. Nats win 4-0.
  • Twins pitcher Bobby Korecky gets an extra innings single AND the win after a double switch eliminates the DH against the Rangers. Twins win 7-6.
  • Rockies second baseman Omar Quintanilla turns a wild double play to wipe out a Giants rally in the eight. Rockies win 4-3.
  • Rays rookie Evan Longoria hits a 13th inning ding dong to topple A's Frank Thomas' pair of ding dongs. Rays win 7-6.
  • Dodgers rookie Blake DeWitt collects a walkoff single in the ninth to send the suddenly hot Reds packing. Dodgers win 6-5.

Oh and the Padres got blown out by the Cardinals. They can't all be winners.

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Yeah, well if the Royals are so hapless, how come they are 6-0 against my Tigers?

oh,right...I forgot that it's because the Tigers have decided to kill me by totally sucking balls

We're all missing some hap this season. Except the Diamondbacks and Cubs. They've got our hap!

I've got hap up the YIN-YANG!

Take that, cancer.

"I don't have a DirecTV porn subscription but I pretend to: I print out pictures of sexual acts and tape them to my bedroom wall."

Jeter has the herp. Does that count?

You can talk shit about the Red Sox all you want, but when you dis the Original Dreamboat, you get banned from Walkoff Walk. This is your one and only warning.

You guys are forgetting cancer is a performance-enhancing disease. And, anyway, Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter while on LSD. That tops any "no hitter while on cancer" feat.

Wells was half drunk when he threw his perfect game.

It it ok that I mentioned that Rob?


Also, fuck David Wells, I'm glad he's dead.

He's dead?!?! That would explain the bloating.

I had tickets to last nights Twins game but I gave them to my buddy. He left after the eighth inning. That's the last time he gets tickets from me.

Didn't even know he was sick.

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