Willie Mays Urges You Not To Blow Yourself Into Tiny Unrecognizable Bits

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Today's Classic TV Friday post brings us back to the halcyon days of an innocent America. A PSA didn't contain horrifying pictures of strung out meth heads or teen prostitutes, but instead urged our nation's youngsters not to mess with stray blasting caps. Hey kids, see this thing that looks like a bomb? Well it is a fucking bomb and here's Willie Mays to tell you about it:

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--guy who didn't listen to Willie Mays

this was on deadspin two years ago why do you steal from will leitch he's just trying to feed his family

Did you see the small disclaimer at the end? "This message not meant to be seen by Barro Zito."

I guess Heather Mills missed this one growing up.

"halcyon," great word CTC.

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