Yankee Youth Movement Still Not Regular

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OH_NOES.jpgMy pal Mark Feinsand at the New York Daily News reported overnight that Ian Kennedy done pitched himself out of his next start. You may remember last week when I covered Feinsand's column regarding Yankee fan readiness for rebuilding. Kennedy's fate is still up in the air in terms of what exact steps the club is going to take with him, be it sending him down or just skipping his rotation spot and sending him to the pen for a little while. Feinsand asserts, and I agree, that if the Yankees are serious about the commitment to youth, sending him to the minors sends the wrong message.

Compounding the problem is the news that Phil Hughes is out two months with a cracked rib. This is the 21 year old's second major DL stint in as many years in the bigs. That's a little, um... troubling. Maybe they should trade him to the A's for Rich Harden. All of this adds up to a major test to the Yankees new youth-centric homegrown mission statement. Don't be surprised if cooler heads don't prevail.

Hey commenters, what's the last plan you made to improve your life that totally fell apart? Please note that I'm asking for the most recent because I'm sure there are dozens.

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Ask my girl friend to marry me.

I signed up at 24HR Fitness, in an attempt to avoid another backpacking season of feeling like my heart is asploding. I think I've been six times in two months and spent most of my limited time there simply concentrating on floor tiles, so I don't have to look at the ballsacks of the legions of guys who are unnecessarily naked.

I quit drinking this morning, but it's not going too well so far.

Do you want funny or serious? I hate to get all Oprah on you, but I vowed to quit drugs after I got promoted at my last job. Yes, my last job. Not my current one featuring temp work and half the salary. But hey, I'm off drugs!

I started a blog in the hopes of making a ton of money fast then abandoning it.

Gonzo, you stopped using drugs but you still read this site? That's really something.

I've been a vegetarian for 8 days.

I'll keep you posted on how that turns out, but I wouldn't be shocked if it involved holding up a McDonald's restaurant for denying me service because I've "had enough," according to them.

Study engineering at Cal Poly. The first year went ok, but then I moved off campus and grew a really huge goatee and packed on enough beer and weed-munchie pounds to get to 300. Then I completed the transition with a solid .5 GPA.

It's ok, though. I smartened up and switched schools and majored in Business. Way easier.

I used to use drugs. I still do, but I used to too.

~M Hedberg

Currently trying to switch careers. It hasn't fallen apart yet, but the first day is Saturday night and there is a 25% I'll be too hungover to go.

Also, as for the Yankee youngsters' "irregularity," they should try Metamucil.

I'm in the process of buying my own place. I'm sure I'm not going to regret this decision for the next 30 years.

I am doing the same thing clair except I am buying it with my Fiance*. It's a good time to be buying a house.

See above.

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