Your Sunday Night Game: Red Sox at Twins

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After spending the day fĂȘting your mother/grandmother/stepmother/surrogate mother/television, please enjoy tonight's nationally broadcast ESPN game featuring the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins. Old knuckleballer Tim Wakefield takes the mound for the Sox while youngster Nick Blackburn will do his best to protect the Baggiedome from hot hitting Kevin Youkilis.

Tomorrow, get ready for some weekend recaps and prepare thyself for a week full of interleague previews.

That's a huge lie. We'll probably forget about that interleague stuff until Friday. Whoops!

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That's cool. I'm more of an intraleague kinda guy anyways.

Who's calling the game?
pleasebemorgan pleasebemorgan pleasebemorgan pleasebemorgan

I'm looking forward to giggling when I see my first Menards ad in the Metrodome.

Over the years, watching Tim Wakefield pitch has been my least favorite thing about being a Red Sox fan.

CTC, I would have thought it was the time you got abducted and raped by Butch Huskey in '99.

No, that's #3. #2 is Sox Appeal.

That picture looks like a Mad Magazine foldover.

funny enough, after my mother's day bbq gut looks like a foldover as well.

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