Youth Is Served: Rays vs. Athletics

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Two unexpectedly successful American League teams will be battling it out for the next three days as the second place Tampa Bay Rays face off in Oakland against the second place Athletics. If you and I were as young as the kids on these rosters, we'd be able to stay up past 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time to watch the first two matchups. Yes, these two teams are among the youngest rosters in the majors and both teams are well into the early playoff races in their respective divisions.

Neither team is winning with smoke and mirrors, either. Both pitching staffs have been stingy, with the Rays giving up 4.0 runs per game and the A's giving up a microscopic 3.7 runs per game. Oakland needs the solid pitching, though, because their offense is struggling to put runs on the board. They've totaled just 11 runs in the past six games, going 1-5 in the process and ceding first place to the Angels.

Here are your pitching matchups:

  • Monday: James Shields (R) vs. Joe Blanton (R)
  • Tuesday: Scott Kazmir (L) vs. Greg Smith (L)
  • Wednesday: Andy Sonnanstine (R) vs. Dana Eveland (L)

That Wednesday game is at 3:35 EDT. Maybe I'll glog it.

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Maybe I'll glog it.

You sure you'll be able to make it the whole 4 innings?

That all depends on if they have instituted a replay system yet.

If Country Joe can give up fewer than 3 HRs this game, we can have a chance.


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