A Guide to Recognizing Your All Stars: National League

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With the All Star Game just around the corner and online voting ending July 1st, we here at Walkoff Walk figured it was time to tell you folks how to vote. First up, we'll discuss our choices for the National League All Stars. Here's our last minute guide, presented in not-at-all-convenient chat form:

CTC: Hi Rob Iracane
Rob: good afternoon Camp Tiger Claw
CTC: How was your lunch?
Rob: /suspends disbelief
it was delicious.
CTC: Good
NL Catcher
Rob: I vote for Brian McCann
he's good
and productive.
CTC: This may be the deepest position in either league
That Molina in San Francisco is playing well.
Rob: he's a favorite of ours
CTC: Geo Soto was hot as shit early in the season.
Rob: do you vote for him?
CTC: Oh no. Sorry I got distracted.
Rob: by his gentemanly good looks?
CTC: I vote for McCann
Rob: NL first baseman
CTC: Lance Berkman
Rob: i like Fat Elvis too
CTC: Don't say Pujols or I'll quit the blog.
Rob: he's got star power!
CTC: Ok good.
Rob: he's earned it
CTC: I'm really interested in this idea of yours about who has ea...zzzzzzzzzzz
Rob: wake up gramma! its time to vote for NL Second Baseman
aka Chase Utley
CTC: Yeah
No brainer.
Who doesn't like Chase Utley?>
Rob: he's the best player in the league three years running
im not sure, but if i find him, i'll punch him in the nose
This is a tough one.
Rob: you probably know my vote already
CTC: Wait. Let me look.
Kevin Kouzmanoff?
Rob: close! Chipper Jones
CTC: Yeah, I go with Chipper too, but he JUUUST edges out Ryan Braun.
Rob: Ryan Braun will make a lovely backup
NL Shortstop?
CTC: Hanley\
Without the backslash
That's not an html command or anything.
Rob: Hanley Ramirez should be a bigger star
even if he fields worse than Jeter
CTC: I don't think he cares.
Rob: good on him then
CTC: I think he likes South Florida.
Rob: who wouldn't?
CTC: I think he likes being in an organization with other young guys.
Rob: who wouldn't?
CTC: I didn't like being in South Florida
Coconut Creek High represent!
Rob: but you were not rich and sexy
we have assembled a good infield, built on agreements
NL Left fielder of choice.
I like Pat Burrell this year
CTC: I was going to answer this with:
But you preemptively affirmed my doubts.
Rob: gotta love those contract year studs
CTC: Carlos Lee has 17 Ding Dongs again
Rob: too bad he's wallowing in Cecil Cooper's mire
CTC: He should choke somebody and get out of there.
Rob: i dont even know he'll make the roster in a deep NL outfield
CTC: Wait.
Oh you mean on the All-Star team
Rob: yeah
CTC: Yeah i don't think he will either.
Rob: who you like in center?
CTC: Nate McLouth
I love rookie All-Stars
Rob: i must disagree and vote for Carlos Beltran
CTC: Because you're a dummy.
Rob: because i am a Mets apologist
he's got speed, defense, and a bat
McLouth is but a flash in the pan
CTC: Every single one of McLouth's offensive numbers is better.
Rob: except career!
CTC: My lord.
Rob: you're gonna hate me
Brian Giles
the position is just so shallow in the NL
CTC: It is... but... Giles?
Rob: okay you talked me out of it
CTC: Can Carlos Lee play RF for a night?
There's absolutely no way he doesn't get in.
Japanese people have computers on their toilets. They're constantly voting.
Rob: what about Ryan Ludwick?
CTC: I thought he was a LF.
Rob: i guess he plays all over
my bad
CTC: No Rob... our bad.
He's gotta be on this team somwhere.
Even though I hate Cardinals.
I'm gonna stick him in RF over FUKUDOME!
Rob: thats your decision i guess!
after all, we can vote for any three outfielders we want, regardless of position

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All bias aside, They should name Grady Sizemore as the centerfielder for the National League, too. He's that good. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know dick about baseball.

I forgot to vote for Frank Thomas before.

Beltran? Comeon. You want him on the team just so he can take a called 3rd strike to end the Allstar game?

Since Braun doesn't play 3rd anymore, Chipper was a wise choice.

We don't concern ourselves with the restriction of modern positions. We think the National League should field nine fat guys and have them cluster around second base.

"National League should field nine fat guys and have them cluster around second base"

Sounds like the White Sox

Don't you want, like, five fat guys, two medium guys and two skinny guys? Wasn't that how it worked in Ice Hockey?

That's how it worked in Bases Loaded

We've got Ronnie Belliard here in DC, that's the same basic idea right?

'Japanese people have computers on their toilets. They're constantly voting.'

Reggie White, is that you?!

In regards to RF...isn't voting just done as "Outfielders?"

Yeah but we like to make things difficult.

Is it true both Rob and CTC are going to the Cyclones PP Metsy is organizing? First round is on me.

The Japanese/Computers/Toilet remark made me choke on orange soda.

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