A Guide to Recognizing Your All Stars: American League

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With the All Star Game just around the corner and online voting ending July 1st, we here at Walkoff Walk figured it was time to tell you folks how to vote. First up, we'll discuss our choices for the American League All Stars. Here's our last minute guide, presented in not-at-all-convenient chat form:

Rob: hello Camp Tiger Claw
CTC: Hi.
Rob: let us pick some names out and advise our readers who they should vote for in this All Star Game thing
last minute!
CTC: ok
You think any of our readers are gonna go to a game this weekend?
Rob: no but that's why Baby Jesus invented the Internet
you can vote up to 25 times
CTC: Really?
On the internet
Rob: ferreals
CTC: I'm looking at my internet right now.
I don't see anything about the all-star.
Rob: head over to www.mlb.com after we're done
first up:
AL catcher
I say Joe Mauer
CTC: I also say Joe Mauer
Rob: good
CTC: and let me say something else
It pisses me off when I get emails from the Red Sox that say "GO VOTE FOR JASON VARITEK! HE'S SECOND IN THE VOTING!"
No, jerks.
He doesn't deserve it.
Rob: thats a shame
CTC: How could that be good for the team to have undeserving players in the All-Star game.
Rob: next up
AL first baseman
i say Jason Giambi
total homer pick
CTC: I think you can say Giambi or I think you can say...
Kevin Youkilis
total homer pick
Rob: also worthy
first basemen kinda suck in the AL
CTC: Justin Morneau has 62 RBI.
Rob: i hate him though, so he's disqualified
next up
AL 2nd baseman
CTC: Wait wait.
Oh nevermind.
I'm gonna say Ian Kinsler
Rob: i'm going with Brian Roberts
because he can actually play the position
CTC: Hmm.
Rob: both are very productive at hte plate, but only Roberts can field
kinsler is an outfielder in 2nd baseman's clothing
CTC: And Roberts has that cool music video about him.
Ok, Third Base
Rob: Alex Rodriguez is King AwesomePants
CTC: True but I'm going with Adrian Beltre.
Rob: you're a funny guy
CTC: Just kidding, It's A-Rodz.
Rob: haha
how about AL shortstop? talk about an extremely shallow talent pool to pick from
but I vote for Derek Jeter every year so who cares?
CTC: Yeah
'weak weak sauce
Rob: Jeter is still the best AND the dreamiest
CTC: How come you're not picking someone who can play the position?
okay left field in the AL
i always vote for Manny Ramirez
CTC: Yup.
Rob: he's the Clown Prince of Offense
CTC: Damon has great numbers this year.
Rob: indeed
CTC: But he's a dope.
Rob: and his foot has an ouchie.
CTC: Our buddy Jose Guillen has played pretty well out in KC.
But he's a dope.
Rob: who do you like in AL centerfield?
CTC: My two time player of the month.
Josh Hamilton
Who also has an ouchie.
But i'd still vote for him.
Rob: my vote now goes to Grady Sizemore
because he's been better for longer
CTC: Huh?
Rob: i dont know that Josh Hamilton has earned it yet
CTC: That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard you say.
Rob: thanks
Rob: when he punches out his GM
CTC: Ha.
Rob: i like that Magglio Ordonez
CTC: I'd love to say J.D Drew...
Rob: he's quietly become the best outfielder over the past few years in the AL
CTC: But it's Milton Bradley
Rob: that lunatic
CTC: He's sluggin .621
And he cried.
Rob: hasnt earned it yet
CTC: Stop saying that.
Rob: Ordonez is a star!
CTC: It's the All-Star game not a Playstation from your parents.
Rob: i'd rather vote for guys who are true stars
CTC: I wanna get the hottest players in there.
Rob: players shouldn't be rewarded for merely three months of heat
CTC: Incorrect.
Rob: gimme the Tilde!
CTC: You just want Jerkwheat to like you.
We'll be back later with the NL?
Rob: as soon as we vote for the DH
CTC: Oh yeah.
Rob: aka David Ortiz
hurt or not hurt
CTC: Not this year man.
Stop doing that.
Rob: wow!
who you got? Hideki Matsui? I wouldnt argue with that
he's a star!
CTC: I do.
Rob: this is a strange universe we live in, indeed
CTC: He possesses that rarest of qualities in a DH.
He doesn't swing like an idiot.
Rob: you're hurting Jose Vidro's feelings
CTC: You know I love Ortiz, but he still hasn't found his groove this year.
I was going to say Jose Vidro as a joke.
Rob: zing!
CTC: But I did that earlier with Adrian Beltre.
Mariner's Fever!
Catch it!
Rob: yeah so we'll be back later with the NL
those lesser creatures
CTC: The ones that live in the middle of the country somewhere.
Rob: /fin

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I just listened to Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety. Josh Hamilton says what's up.

Hey, Rob!

Wanna go hang out and listen to that new R.E.M. record?

How could that be good for the team to have undeserving players in the All-Star game.

Ask Bud and his insane every team must have 1 all star rule.

Hey, matt, I'm a Padres fan, therefore I should get to see Adrian Gonzalez whiff on a K-Rod slider in the 9th inning of the AL's 10-3 win.

Gonzalez deserves to do that. I'm talking Mark Redman and his over 5 ERA a couple years ago.

No, I agree. It's a stupid rule. Also stupid? Not voting for Josh Hamilton. Shame on you, Rob.

If you aren't voting for Grady you don't know dick about baseball. Bias aside the guy is clearly the best centerfielder in the game right now.

It's OK to vote now? Well then. I am going to two games this weekend. I have been to about 20 games this season and haven't voted yet because you guys said I couldn't. I did however let my 8 year old nephew vote a couple of weeks ago. That little bastard voted for Youkilis over Morneau. I let that one slide because he is just 8 but no matter what age or gender I won't let anyone I bring to the game do the wave. You have to draw the line somewhere.

@Chief Wahoo

I don't know dick about baseball for voting for a guy who's numbers are clearly superior to his in every way? Why even bother saying "bias aside."

@CTC actually their offensive numbers are pretty close and Grady is hitting leadoff in a much weaker lineup. He's also miles ahead of Hamilton in the field.


You know dick about Dickbastard.

Did you know you can vote 25 times per email address? How do you think Chris Coste and Dmitri Young have 75 votes that didn't come from their immediate families?

I'd vote for Magglio as long as the Todd Jones Experience gets to do an impersonation of the at bat.

I am going to the A's/Gints game tomorrow.

I also suggest Mark Ellis because he plays sweet D and is totally clutchy and has a special clutch bat that hits clutch hits in clutchy moments.

Stolen bases:

Josh Hamilton: 1 per 160 AB's
Grady Sizemore: 1 per 25 AB's

Also, much less likely that Grady will go on a crack binge the night before the game.

Not to get all nerdy but a .056 difference in OPS is not huge but it's significant

So some of the numbers are comparable but Hamilton's are still better. Factor in Sizemore's Stolen Bases and defensive advantage and AT BEST you have a case for either player.

Saying that to think otherwise is "not knowing dick" is clearly biased.

@Chief Wahoo

You have to be out of your freakin mind to be really making this argument. Hamilton's hitting .310 with an ops over .900, and has an absurd seventy six RBI before July. He also has more HR than Sizemore. And he's scored more runs.

So basically what you're saying is that stolen bases is all that matters in baseball. Should we put Willy Taveras in Cooperstown now, or do you want to wait till the season's over?

Also for the record, these arguments are pretty much my favorite thing about being a human.

@ CTC: fair enough "not knowing dick" is overstating the case.

@ Jiegel: You are aware that Sizemore hits leadoff on one of the worst offensive teams in the AL, right? Sizemore is better at baserunning, fielding and throwing. His average is suffering greatly due to his supporting cast and position in the lineup. Hamilton wins out in power.

Either way I think either guy could really help the AL beat the NL so the Twins can have home field advantage in the WS. So it's a win, win.

The fuck is an OPS? All that matters are steals, average, and manufacturing runs with bunts.

@ Farthammer
Agreed. Who needs power when you can hit a single, steal a base, bunt the runner over and sac fly him in. That's how about 90% of Twins runs are scored.


Just because Jason Michaels or Casey Blake or whomever hits 2nd for the Indians isn't getting the job done, that doesn't account for the fact that Sizemore is hitting a very mediocre .262. I will give you that 48 rbi is great for a lead-off hitter, but you're not gonna win anyone over by saying Sizemore is great at throwing the ball, OR by saying you're not being biased, then presenting a completely biased opinion.

@ Jiegel: Yet amazingly, even with the significantly lower average, Grady has a higher on base percentage. Does that tell you anything? Also, it is an absolute fact that being between better hitters increases your average.

Throwing the ball is somewhat of a consideration when judging center fielders.

Jason Michaels is no longer a member of the Tribe. We traded him for a large jug of relish, I believe.

Josh Hamilton needs to be voted a starter in the All-Star game. It would make the story for his Disney TV movie 'Crack Strikes Out' that much better.

Josh Hamilton is having a FAR superior season. But I'm not voting based SOLELY on 2008 stats. Sizemore has been the best AL centerfielder for three years running.

That being said, a vote for Josh Hamilton is a great vote.

Why are yankee fans so fixated on the past? It's the 2008 All Star team not the 2005-2007 all star team.

It's because in the past they were good.

26 world championships

Why are Twins fans so fixated on Yankees fans? Was 1991 really that long ago? I guess so, since I was 13 years old and didn't hate you.

I don't think Twins fans are fixated on Yankees fans. I just kind of funny to watch the team with all the money loose and then compain about it. The Yankees and their fans are like the rich kid on your little league team that has all the best gear and goes to all the best camps but still can't hit the ball out of the infield. Then after they get back in the dugout they throw there top of the line bat and yell at the coach and make fun of the poor kid on the team to make themselves feel better.

@bc twins fan

You gotta have serious, deep-seeded psychological issues to really feel that way. As a Red Sox fan, I gotta say that my impression has been that the Yankees are totally aware and in control of their emotions in regards to the team's shortcomings in recent years, and have overall been far far more graceful in defeat than we ever were before 2004.

and by "Yankees" i mean "Yankee fans"

I am sure a lot of fans are like that but I am just responding to the high number of d-bags that come to the dome whenever the yankees are in town and act like idiots. I am sure most of these guys aren't even from NY and are just bandwagon jumpers. I do like to ask the fans that are sitting around me what part of NY they are from. Most of them just give me a blank stare.

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