Age In Prospect: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 1:05, Marlins at Braves: The Braves are Smoltzless for the rest of the year. Sniffle. But don't despair you lovers of 1993, Glavine is on the hill today! The Bravos are coming off the rare (for them) one run win, and face Mark Hendrickson he of the 7-3 record, 5.26 ERA and living example of why you shouldn't gauge a pitcher on his W-L record. Marlins have (not) taken the first two games of the four game series.

  • 2:05, Diamondbacks at Brewers: Milwaukee is reaching for the Brewm Closet! Get it? Me either. Anyway, it's Micah "Stained" Owings against Manny Parra and if the Brew Crew takes it you can count on them to be referred to as "surging" and the Snakes to be called "floundering." It's the Battle for Adjectives, this afternoon at Miller Park!

  • 3:10, Rockies at Dodgers: One day after the Rumble In The Ravine, the Christians will again feed themselves to the lions. It's the rubber match of the series and the Dodgers just can't seem to get any traction during the Snakes' recent fall back to earth. Like ee cummings they just can't capitalize. Aaron Cook takes on Young Clayton Kershaw.

  • 3:35, Tigers at A's: In another series closer, Detroit looks to avoid being swept by the Bay Area Farthammers. Nate Robertson and his shop glasses take the hill against the emergent Justin Duchscherer. The Tigers would slip to eleven games below .500 with a loss today. That is downright putrid. The A's try and stay and 3 games back of the Angels while they feast on Seattle.

  • 3:45, Mets at Giants: Hey Plain Jane, it's Maine vs. Cain. Did you flush my cocaine down the drain, as the cops maintain? Prepare for pain. Rubber match!

No liveglog today as Rob will be out of the WoW office attending to personal matters. Feel free to pass the time by reading this article I just wrote for my friend 'Duk over at Big League Stew.

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Did you flush my cocaine down the drain?


Mmmmm....when she shoves the gun in her underwear? Almost has hot as the housewives with all the sores.

Duke's curveball strikes out 8 and the A's sweep.

I meant Braves.


I also just read CTC's article...any fan who thinks signing Bonds is a bad idea should have THEIR cocaine flushed down the drain.

Stellar start for Glav. 2 walks, a hit and its 1-0 Marlins.

Its definitely not 93.

Oh good, Chipper isn't in the line up today either.

Matt T is having a case of the Geoff Bakers.

Rob is so far out of the office that he can't stop commenting everywhere.

Frenchy is doing a decent Chipper Jones impression in the 3 slot today. 3-1 Braves.

Solo tater tot for Hanley Ramirez. 3-2 Braves.

Hey Plain Jane, it's Maine vs. Cain. Did you flush my cocaine down the drain, as the cops maintain? Prepare for pain.
Any other rhymes would be mundane.

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