An Entire Red Sox Nation Holds Its Breath: David Ortiz' Ligament

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What do we make of the wrist injury to David Ortiz? What do we know about the wrist injury to David Ortiz? What happens to the Red Sox without David Ortiz? These are the questions Red Sox fans and normal, human baseball fans alike are asking this morning in the wake of a supposed torn ligament in Big Papi's wrist that will sideline him at least a month. Says Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald:

    "According to a source, Ortiz' wrist will be immobilized for roughly the next month to determine whether the injury can heal on its own. If it cannot, the Red Sox and Ortiz very well may face a harsh reality: Season-ending surgery. 'Surgery is very unlikely,' manager Terry Francona said, 'but he will be placed on the disabled list, (in a) soft cast.'"

There's a possibility the ligament is torn, and if it doesn't show improvement, Ortiz will have the surgery. That's shades of 2001 for Red Sox fans, when Nomar Garciaparra went under the knife and, after healing, effectively went from a batting champion to a soccer player's husband. Shit.

You all know I'm a Yankees fan and if I had to pick a Red Sox player to root for, it'd be Manny Ramirez. Still, David Ortiz is a true ambassador and spokesperson for the game. People who didn't like baseball very much were turned on to the game by Ortiz. I'm a baseball fan before I'm a Yankees fan, so I am hoping beyond hope that Big Papi comes back soon and in full strength. Although I suppose this whole situation really screws up that Babe Ruth nonsense for the MLB corporation.

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Oh who gives a fuck? This website is still a pile of steaming shit. Fuck all of you.

CTC being Manny

No matter how much you squeeze Lilly it's not going to help, CTC.

Remember when Tom Berenger called his shot and then bunted? What a dick.


No wonder he ended up a subsitute teacher.

Fucker couldn't keep Treat Williams from taking his job, though.

Red Sox nation took an even bigger hit this morning when it was announced that Hazel Mae would be leaving NESN in one month to take on "the next step" (read: pornography) of her career.

This post is a Simmons-esque reverse jinx. Nice try, Iracane. We're on to you.

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