Au Lecteur: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:37, Mariners at Blue Jays: Loyal readers of "Today's Afternoon Games" and "Tonight's Questions" know I'm a sucker for a good pitching matchup. Today we've got two great ones. In the first, Felix Hernandez takes on Shaun Marcum. Lee Elia has done a tremendous job with the M's since taking over as hitting coach. Last night they scored 1 run on 5 hits! I predict Marcum pitches a no hitter today. Rob says if this happens he will "eat his own shit." Let's root for it, kids.

  • 3:35, Rays at Angels: Scott Kazmir takes on John Lackey in our second afternoon duel. This one will be glogged (for at least 4 innings) by the harbinger of hardball hilarity, Rob Iracane. The Angels bounced back to take the second game of the serieslast night, winning 6-1. You know what that means. This game is wearing a rubber!

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If Marcum pitches a no-no, Rob's retribution will be Divine.

If Marcum pitches a no-no, Rob's retribution will be Anal.

Rubbers are for high schoolers. Live a little with the pull-out.

Boo, I wish I were going to be around for this... Kazmir/Lackey sounds exciting!

Seattle has three hits. I just flushed my bet.


You were undoubtedly saved by the McLaren's great "hunch" to give Bloomquist some playing time today, since Willie's on base average against righties is a robust .242--stay hot!

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