Baseball Before Bedtime: Common People

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Here's what happened in baseball while you danced and drank and screwed

Diamondbacks 5, Mets 4 (10): Pity poor Billy Wagner! Wait, no, let's ditch the pity party and pile on the poop patrol in the Metsblogosphere. Sheadenfreude is the best schadenfreude of all. Wagner blew his third straight save opportunity by letting in the tying two runs in the ninth inning, wasting a stellar start by METS SAVIOR Johan Santana.

Phillies 3, Marlins 0: Jamie Moyer nearly made it through six innings of no-hit ball before opposing pitcher Scott Olsen lined a ball off Chase Utley's glove. Sigh. Olsen was just making up for his goat moment earlier, when his fifth inning wild pitch brought in Jimmy Rollins from third base. Catcher Matt Treanor's throwing error after fetching the wild pitch allowed Shane Victorino to score, and the Phillies prevented the sweep.

Royals 6, Rangers 5: Kansas City tallied two two-run tater tots to topple the Texas team that tends to tater tot from time to time. Rookie shortstop Mike Aviles collected his first ding-dong and is hitting well enough over the past week to bury Tony Pena Jr. on the depth chart. The Royals won despite walkin exactly zero times, a fact that I'm sure will garner a 1500 word blog entry from Joe Posnanski. Frank Francisco's wild pitch in the eighth scored pinch runner Pena; total nut job Jose Guillen sac-flied in the go-ahead run. ITS NICE THAT JOSH HAMILTON GOT HIS SHIT IN GEAR TOO BAD JOSE GUILLEN CAN'T.

Tigers 2, White Sox 1: Miguel Cabrera walkoff homered and then ate a big sandwich, possibly with mortadella, provolone, and sweet roasted red peppers.

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What a great baseball day that was. Watching the White Sox and Mets both choke away games in the afternoon, then seeing the Tribe bats catch fire (sorry BC!) makes Wahoo a happy man.

And Atlanta ties the record for most 1 run road losses in a row with 21.

Hey Internet Explorer users: I changed some code last night. Does the sidebar over there ------> show up?

Can we get a shrimp video for the Walk Off Hit By Pitch that Reed Johnson pulled off for the old-timey Cubs yesterday? He did kinda walk to 1st.

We've ruled on this before, unfortunately. It's merely a walkoff hit-by-pitch and does not espouse the principles of Walkoff Walk dot com.

How bout some sort of crayfish video for coming so close?

Pat Burrell wants to sleep with common you.

Rob- sidebar is fine with IE

Never had a problem with the side bar. I always had the problem of new posts and new messages appearing. Sometimes I would have to close the browser and reopen to get the updated site. Let's see if this has been fixed.
(oh, I'm back! Did you miss me?)


When there are roaches climbing the wall, Pat Burrell calls his agent who can stop it all, yeah.

I'm going to see Jarvis (and Spiritualized!) at the Pitchfork Festival and I'm kinda really excited.


See you there.

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