Baseball Before Bedtime: Debutante's Balls

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Here's what happened in baseball where three pitchers made their first starts of 2008

Joba Chamberlain: Chubbycheeks averaged 95 MPH on his fastball but he couldn't exactly locate it too well. Sure, he struck out three Jays in 2 1/3 innings but also walked four gentlemen and only threw first pitch strikes to 6 of 12 batters. Joba even balked! Quel horreur! No decision.

Radhames Liz: Not bad! Kid struck out Justin Morneau, Carlos Gomez, Delmon Young, and Alexi Casilla. Liz breezed through five innings of shutout ball before getting lifted in the sixth after giving up two consecutive RBI doubles. Hey, shit happens but you had the Best 2008 Pitching Debut of the Night. Win!

Tom Mastny: What a stinker. One and a third innings pitched and he gave up tater tots to Josh Hamilton and Milton Bradley. The six-foot-six righty also walked three gentleman and comes away from this game having increased his ERA from 10.80 to 21.00. Yipes! This is what you get for signing Jake Westbrook to a long term deal, Indians fans. Loss.

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Needs more Ding Dongs.

Tom Mastny pissed all over my Jobadenfraude.

Barry Zito is 1-9. Ha.

Milton Bradly was just toying with Mastny.

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