Baseball Before Bedtime: Golden

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Here's what happened in baseball while people told me that bars are dark and lonely.

Marlins 6, Braves 4: I'm just going to put it out there. The Braves may have a problem in the bullpen. Going into the 9th leading the Fish 4-2, they brought in Manny Acosta and it Acostem the win. He gave up not one, but TWO 2 run funny bones. Mike Rabelo had the tying one, Hanley Ramirez had the go ahead. Bobby Cox said, "You're not going to hold them all the time." Or um... even most of the time.

Brewers 10, Diamondbacks 1: Schweeeep. My main man Manny Parra had a career high eight strikeouts in 7 innings and retired the final 14 batters he faced. Corey Hart had an inside the park, 3 run , cheddar filled tater tot. Now if only the Dodgers could take advantage.

Rockies 2, Dodgers 1: Sheesh. Clayton Kershaw turned in the best performace of his young career, strking out 5 and allowing 2 runs, but Aaron Cook was even better. The Dodgers' offense is flightier than your ex. Jeff Baker drove in both runs for the Rockies. Roxaholism is a disease!

Red Sox 5, Devil Rays 1: Josh Beckett struck out 5 and walked none giving up one run in 6 innings. Florida State Seminole J.D. Drew moved up to third in the order and delivered an RBI double and scored 2 runs. The Sox took first place back from those little rascals.

Reds 2, Phillies 0: Edinson Volquez is really damned good. Joey Votto broke up Brett Myers's no hit bid in the 7th but Ol' Punchy was clearly the second best pitcher in this game. Because Edinson Volquez is really really damned good.

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Marty Brennaman once again proves that talk is cheap and filled with air.

Mmmmm cheddar filled tater tots

Message to Blue Jays bloggers everywhere: Jesse Litsch blows goats. I have proof.

Who cares? All I want to know is what Joba did last night. How does his arm feel? Is he in good spirits? I must know now!

Good news Chief! He's doing fine and he's in good spirits. Actually, he's pretty excited to beat the shit out of the Royals this weekend, something the Indians haven't been able to do lately.

At least one Indian can beat the Royals. Can you get credit for a victory after pitching two innings?

I realize this site is Walk Off Walk and not Walk Off Homer but doesn't a tater-tot by Paulie K in the 15th inning warrant a mention?

Today is the draft. We'll get to see whether these guys' careers fall apart or make them millionaires.

That homer shouldn't have counted. It came off Jimmy Gobble.

@Rob - yeah, he's a real turkey.

@Pale Hose

That baseball was way way way AFTER bedtime.

The Dodgers' offense is flightier than your ex.

You haven't met my ex.

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