Baseball Before Bedtime: The Underdog

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Here's what happened in baseball when I got free from the middleman

Giants 3, Nationals 2: Don't give up on the National League West so fast, dear readers! A day after the Pads completed a four-game sweep over the Mets, the Giants did the same nasty thing to the Nats. Heck, things have gotten so bad for the poor-hitting Washington team that they were shut down by the once-struggling face of the Giants franchise. San Francisco actually has a seven game road winning streak now, and has closed to within 5.5 games of NL West leading Arizona. Just don't let Sabean think this team can actually contend, mmkay?

Reds 9, Marlins 4: Ken Griffey led the Reds tater tot attack with his 600th career dong, a fact that did not pass this blogger by. Paul Bako had his first career multi-homer game and superstar Edinson Volquez picked up the W despite allowing five walks in six innings. Reds shortstop Jerry Hairston Jr. left the game after fracturing his thumb on a stolen base attempt. He'll join other Reds shortstops Jeff Keppinger and Alex Gonzalez on the DL. In other words, watch your fucking back, Barry Larkin.

Mariners 3, Blue Jays 2: New Mariners hitting coach Lee Elia is already making hay with the depressed Seattle lineup! Ten whole hits in ten innings! Three whole runs out of fourteen baserunners! The winnings run scored on a safety squeeze in the tenth by Yankee/Cardinal/Met castoff Miguel Cairo! World's biggest Kenny G fan Miguel Batista blew a seventh-inning 2-1 Mariners lead, allowing the tying RBI single by fresh-off-the-DL Vernon Wells.

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Ahem...Cliff Lee...ahem...first AL Pitcher to 10 wins...ahem.

Who am I kidding, if he were a Yankee it would be news.

The Marlins are falling apart. Good thing they have Lil Billy


I think the real news is that you are 8 1/2 back.

Go ahead, PaleHos, get cocky. It will only make your tears that much sweeter when you collapse.

@ Wahoo,

I know it's coming. That's why I have to enjoy the success and live in the moment.

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