Baseball Before Bedtime: Wildwood Flower

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Here's what happened in baseball while you twined with your mingles of raven black hair

Cardinals 7, Phillies 6 (10): Welp, that 20-2 pounding on Friday night stunned St. Louis but not as much as having their catcher, Yadier Molina, be taken off the field on a stretcher with a neck brace. Molina got his big hurt in the ninth when he got knocked the fug out by pinch runner Eric Bruntlett, but hey, he made the tag and got the out to preserve the tie game, and then collapsed. The Cardinals won the game in extry innings, thanks to two Phillies' errors at first base in the inning, first on Chase Utley and the second on reliever Tom Gordon.

Tigers 5, Dodgers 4: Do you hear that, American League Central? That's the pitter-pat of tiger footprints, coming from (way) behind you to attempt a big maul. Detroit won its sixth game in a row and swept L.A. despite the Dodgers' four-run ninth inning rally. Nate Robertson threw six shutout innings with a nice 45-minute rain delay break in between, wherein Nate retreated to the clubhouse for some Guitar Hero with Joel Zumaya. Marcus Thames and Brandon Inge tater-totted.

Pirates 5, Orioles 4 (10): Well, the Pirates blew three leads this weekend but only lost two games. Matt Capps, previously the only faultless NL Central closer, blew two leads this weekend including the two-run ninth inning lead in this contest (thanks to a two run ding-dong by Brian Roberts), but still earned the win when Adam LaRoche singled in the game winning run in the top of the 10th. Flat brimmed dorkface George Sherrill took the loss. This was Pittsburgh's first interleague win since last June.

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I can't hear the tigers walking over the sound of the drums. The drums, the drums, they're getting closer.

Starring Ozzie Guillen as General Custer.

What this book presupposes is: What if he didn't?

Royals 8, Arizona 3: Do you hear that, American League Central? That's the pitter-pat of ... Royals ... err ...

/unable to keep straight face

Don't you go mentioning Guitar Hero being in the clubhouse, ok? He's coming back this week in San Diego and....shit...that's where he lives. There's probably Guitar Hero and "boxes" that need "moving" there...fuck...

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