Baseball Before Bedtime: You Wreck Me

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Here's what happened in baseball while you were the boy in the corduroy pants

Tigers 7, Giants 2: Look out, here come the Tigers! No, seriously, they're going to maul you with their claws and/or teeth.

Orioles 2, Astros 1: Look out, those Astros sure hate the American League East! No, seriously, they'd rather not play any more teams from that division.

Rays 5, Cubs 4: Look out, the Rays are unstoppable at home! No, seriously, the white trash in that dump likes to bring cowbells to the game.

Braves 5, Rangers 2: Look out, the Braves have a new closer! No, seriously, Mike Gonzalez is back, in Brave form.

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I really would like to see Tom Petty in concert someday before I die. No, seriously, I do.

No, seriously, it's "the white trash in that dump like to bring cowbells to the game.

Why do white sox fans bring cow bells to Rays games?


Grammar schmammer.

Palehose, not really a big Petty fan but I've seen him play with both Dylan and Johnny Cash as well as open for the Greatful Dead and he put on a great show each time.

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