Bill Bavasi Becomes Latest Deck Chair Tossed from Sinking Ship

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Well, the Mariners higher-ups reached their breaking point and the latest victim was not manager John McLaren but G.M. Bill Bavasi. Associate G.M. Lee Pelekoudas will step up to temporarily become the head honcho. The folks at U.S.S. Mariner have nothing but good words to say about Bavasi on his way out the door:

"Obviously, we've had our disagreements with Bill on roster construction and how to build a team, but as we've said repeatedly, he's a really good person and it was our pleasure to host him at several USSM events in the past few years. I enjoyed all my conversations with him, and in the sense of having a good person to talk baseball with, I will miss him. But this is the right move for the organization."

That's a nice way to send the man off, especially a week after blasting him in that Baseball Analysts guest piece last week. It's been a tough year for Bill, losing his job just two months after losing his dad, Buzz. At least Bill lasted a full two years longer than the chuckleheads who ran the Fire Bill Bavasi blog.

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Good. We need more Greek people in leadership positions. Break the baklava ceiling!

That guest piece pretty clearly lays out the case of why this firing is years late, although the pathos around the M's demise has made for regular and entertaining WoW content, so it's not been a total loss.

The baklava ceiling? That's a flaky proposition. And another thing the Greeks stole from the Turks, just like anal sex.

Mariners fans are phylloing pretty good about the decision.

gyroball anyone?

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