Cuban Player Recall: He's Defective!

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cuba.jpgOne of Cuban baseball's most popular and promising stars isn't Cuban baseball's anymore. 19 year old Dayán Viciedo took a boat to Mexico on May 20. After spending several hours giggling uncontrollably at some jumping beans he crossed the border to the US and reunited with some friends and family. Now he's looking to break into the bigs.

"He has arrived with youth, he is very versatile and his conditioning is exceptional. We will soon see him wearing the uniform of a major league team.''

Torres added that Viciedo reminds him of Boston Red Sox star Manny Ramirez.

Standing 6-2 and weighing 202 pounds, Viciedo is known as a powerful batter and a versatile defender, capable of playing shortstop, third base and outfield, and he even can pitch. His fastball has been clocked at more than 90 mph, but he said his pitching days are over.

Since age 9, he has played for Cuban national teams in all categories, and at 15 he started playing in the Cuban national championship. He is the first Cuban to play for three national teams at the same time -- 15-16 year-olds, juveniles and majors.

He projects as a 3B in the majors. He says his idol is Alex Rodriguez. Well he's in luck because the New York Post says the Yankees want him. That would be the greatest, latinest, most expensive platoon situation in history!

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Cut him open and count the rings, Cashman!

Suck it, Fidel!

Ah yes Cuba, the workers paradise. Those ungrateful Cubans should really let Michael Moore tell them how good they've got it before they climb on old refrigerators and try to float to the States.

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