Cubs Get Swept by White Sox, Kerry Wood Emotes Appropriately

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The White Sox toppled the Cubs last night 5-1 to complete a three-game weekend sweep but the real action happened Saturday. Here's Cubs reliever Kerry Wood expressing his emotions in the best way he knows how, thanks to the inimitable Hugging Harold Reynolds blog:

Kerry was obviously disappointed that U.S. Cellular Field's concession stands ran out of garden burgers and registered his complaints thusly. Smart.

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Flash forward to Friday:
What's Up, Creampuff?
Kerry Wood: Kerry makes another trip to the DL, sprained left and right middle fingers.

Nice weekend, everyone?


It was a culturally rich weekend at WoW, with movie and museum reviews flowing forth.

Kerry was just answering the question, "how many career wins you got left in you, buddy?"

In other news, Kerry Wood has been placed on the DL after he tore all the ligaments in both of his middle fingers.

FUCK! Next time, I'll read the comments first

Kerry was just showing his teammates where he HASN'T got injured.

Actually, his teammates asked him which count is his favorite in which to give up a critical base hit. 1-1? A little bland, I gotta say.

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