David Aardsma Forbidden to Play Catch With Dad, Allows Two Runs

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Boston Red Sox pitcher David Aardsma was excited to come home to the Houston area to pitch in the weekend interleague series between the Sox and the Astros. Aardsma grew up in the area and even was the closer on the 2003 College World Series champion Rice University team.

To top it all off, his pop Dave was set to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game at Minute Maid Park on Saturday night. Dave's an executive with Waste Management (the actual waste company, not the mob) who have sponsored the Astros Play Green initiative this season.

Of course, David Aardsma decides he'd like to catch the ceremonial first pitch thrown out by his dad, and who can blame him? Turns out the Astros put the kibosh on it because they didn't want an opposing player on the field for pre-game ceremonies. A compromise was made and Aardsma stood next to his dad as he threw out the first pitch. He pitched one inning in relief during the game and allowed two runs, probably because he was still so devastated that he couldn't play catch with Daddy.

In other Red Sox news, Manny Ramirez shoved the traveling secretary and the team's Latin and black players got some mailed threats. Just another day in Red Sox Nation, y'all!

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Is that a photo of Clint Howard?

Manny Ramirez shoved the traveling secretary

You can't blame him, the dude's assistant is a real jagoff, always trying to push new uni's made from 100% cotton.

Turns out the Astros put the kibosh on it because they didn't want the guy who booted Hank Aaron from the front of all the record books on the field for pre-game ceremonies.


"And this is how you get the freaking ball out of your glove on the pivot, or else you're gonna get BURIED turning two! Capiche?"

The Astros stopped him?

Let the kids play!
Let the kids play!
let the kids play!

Hate to be an asshole, but it's "Let THEM play!"


To be fair, EVERYONE shoves the traveling secretary in Boston. It's sort of like Whacking Day, only year round.

farthammer, I saw that in the theatre as a kid. The drugs ingested since then would reach Mars if you lined them all up. In other words...what was I saying?

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