Dodgers and Rockies Night at the Brawlpark

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Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp struck out swinging to end the eighth inning last night but Colorado Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba dropped the pitch. Torrealba tagged Kemp out, Kemp took umbrage with the manner in which he was tagged, and a brawl erupted.

The Dodgers ended up losing the game, their ninth loss in the past twelve games. Think this brawl will spark them to go on some crazy winning streak and catch the slumping Diamondbacks? Yeah, me neither.

Thanks to Meech for his help on this story.

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No problem, Iracane. (I helped him spell "Torrealba")

Yorvit Torrealba is actually the illegitimate lovechild of Joe Torre and Jessica Alba. Wait, no, Alba 77 Fit N Frosty.

According to that video, Matt Kemp is the lovechild of a baby and a pussy.

I helped by creating the username "69deeznuts" since MLB is going to exterminate this video any second now.

Matt Kemp helped by being a total dick.

Dammit, it's already gone.

Did you break the internet, freetzy?

Tom Mastny is more effective as a fictional replacement for Bill Brasky than he is a pitcher. Example: "Tom Mastny once threw a 102-mph curveball. Tom Mastny!"


Now it's back! I think trying to beat up anyone who tags them out should be the Dodgers new team strategy.

Both guys had a better ground game than Kimbo Slice

Freetzy's right. Let it be known that the Dodgers think the tag rule is antiquated, and they WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.


That doesn't look like turning the other cheek to me, Yorvit. No wonder the Rockies have lost God's favor.

He's not MYvit. He's YORvit.

Chan Ho Park had his kicking leg locked and ready to go -- too bad Tim Belcher was no where to be found.

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