Dodgers Draft Older Brother of Ump-Hitting Pitcher

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Yet another plot twist in the conspiracy between a high school pitcher and catcher to bean an umpire emerges as the Los Angeles Dodgers have drafted the pitcher's older brother, shortstop Ethan Martin. In case you've forgotten, Martin was called out on strikes during the fourth inning of a high school championship game in Georgia, argued the call with the umpire, and threw his batting helmet in disgust. The next inning, catcher Matt Hill ducked out of the way of Ethan's brother Cody's fastball, thus beaning home plate umpire Jeff Scott directly in the mask.

While Ethan Martin wasn't directly involved in the incident and cannot be punished for it, the connection is possible and the evidence is on YouTube. Perhaps Cody thought up a clever way to get revenge on his brother's behalf or maybe the idea was Ethan's all along. Or even crazier, perhaps Matt Hill was acting alone and called for the fastball with the full intention of ducking out of the way. No matter what, we can't judge these kids for their transgressions because we just don't have the authority, the proper perspective, or even all the pertinent information.

Still, don't you find it amusing that Martin was drafted by the Dodgers? None of this would have happened if the catcher hadn't intentionally dodged that pitch.

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When I first saw "Dodgers Draft" I thought this was a story about Bill Clinton


You should be on Arsenio!

This story has more twists and turns than an M. Night Shamalamadingdong movie

Don't tell me who I can or cannot judge.

The Dodgers have finally found a replacement for Dreifort.

I agree Matt. I think this story is way better the story about the truck driver's son with a million dollar arm who looks like the guy from double dragon.

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