Former Players to Help Teams Draft by Sitting There, Looking Pretty

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This year marks the first time that MLB's amateur draft is being televised, which totally makes sense because we'll all be home at 2PM EDT to watch high school kids' names read aloud. But the real benefit to the viewer is the chance to see some of their favorite former major leaguers sit with the higher-ups and 'represent' their former teams. Here are some highlights:

   • Dodgers: Maury Wills
   • Giants: Felipe Alou, J.T. Snow
   • Mariners: Harold Reynolds
   • Padres: Dave Winfield
   • Reds: Ken Griffey Sr.
   • Rockies: Vinny Castilla
   • Tigers: Al Kaline, Willie Horton
   • Twins: Tony Oliva

Holy crap, the Tigers got Willie Horton out of prison on a furlough! Watch out, Erin Andrews! Oh...wrong Willie Horton. My bad.

Hey, Harold Reynolds is going to be back on ESPN for the first time in almost two years. Watch out, Erin Andrews!

Also, Tony Oliva is Cuban. Watch out, Erin Andrews!

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Free Dukakis!

Tiger Willie Horton is an amazing Doppelganger to the Lee-Atwater-boogeyman Willie Horton. During a riot in 1966 (Detroit has been Detroit for a long time), "Good Willie" tried to get the rioters to stop by standing on top of a car--in his uniform!--and pleading with them for some kind of sanity. Which begs the question: Where did he keep his spare uni?

Maury Wills is the steal of the draft.

J.T. Snow's just there to pluck any little kids out of people's way.

I hear that Dusty has enlisted Adam Dunn to be the kidsnatcher on the Reds.

Wasn't the draft on TV last year? I'm 99 percent sure it was, making this the first year the MLB draft will be televised since last year.

Chris, if we didn't glog it, it didn't happen. If a tree falls in a forest...

Good point, though. We're very frequently fucking wrong.

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