Baseball Before Bedtime: Waterloo Sunset

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Here's what happened in baseball while the taxi light shone so bright

Phillies 8, Red Sox 2: Cole Hamels emerged victorious on a night when tater tots were flying out of the yard with great frequency. Revitalized slugger Ryan Howard had two of the tots as a side dish for his husky triple, while shortstop Jimmy Rollins collected his 28th career leadoff homer in the first.The Red Sox hit back to back solo ding-dongs in the fifth by Dustin Pedroia and J.D. Drew but Hamels' six other innings pitched were scoreless.

You know, Ryan Howard is tied for second in the NL with 19 homers and tied for first in RBIs with 63. Poor Pat Burrell has no RBI opportunities anymore because RyHo is knocking in all the runners and then clogging them with his girth. Since May 9th, when his batting average was .167 and his OPS was a measly .608, Howard has 11 tater tots, 41 RBI, and has raised his OPS almost 200 points.

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Right on. Who cares if he strikes out a million times if, even when he's been hitting around .200 all year, he still drives in that many runs. (The guys in front of him help, too.)

Wow, thanks for the video. Pretty much my favorite song, ever, but I was prepared to hate it for not being the Ray Davies version. Whoever that Smith guy is, he did an amazing job with it.

Oh yeah, go San Fran, the Tigers suck.

Ryan Howard will carry me to victory in the Walk Off Walk Home Runs Before The All-Star Break By Three Selected Players To Win A $50 Gift Card For That Will Probably Pay For Most Of A Hat & A T-Shirt Contest!

You guys should work on a better contest name - that one's a little cumbersome.

But do you predict that the Tigers will continue to suck, Mr. Wahoo?

/awaits improbable division title

C'mon, Jerkwheat, you know I don't make predictions.

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