Identification In Belfast: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:35, Diamondbacks at Pirates: Pirate Snake! Randy Johnson brings his gangly ass to Steeltown to take on Zach "David" Duke in the final matchup of this 4 game series. 'Zona took the first two, and the Pirates countered with a 6-4 victory yesterday. Johnson has a career 2.21 ERA against the Pirates, but to be fair, mine is even lower.

  • 1:05, Royals at Yankees: Those Yankees have started taking their Geritol and look better than they have all season. Damon, Giambi and A-Rod are all hitting, and Mike Mussina is having a throwback season. The junkballing old coot gets the start today against Luke Hochevar, a man whose name I was horribly mispronouncing in my head for most of the season.

  • 2:05 Twins at White Sox: The Pale Hose are reaching into the broom closet for the long handled four game sweep. They've scored 33 runs in the first three games and itching to put another serious beatdown on Glen Perkins. Glen Perkins sounds like the name of a mortgage guy or a member of The Grass Roots. John Danks gets the start for Chicago.

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Fun fact. Glen Perkins went to the same High School and college as I did. He is two years younger than me so I didn't know him realy well. My little Brother did and said he was a real ass. I guess that fact wasn't that fun.

Did the Pirate woodchuck eat the Pirate snake?

@BC - There is a lot of opinion in your fact, but I still found it fun. Mostly because my boys are rolling and live is good right now.

Just wait Palehose. The Twins might hold the sox to single didgets in runs today. Perkins might make it into the 5th and the Twins might only loose by a couple. It could happen. I will be glad to see the Twins leave the south side after todays game. At least the twins have a trip to the Prog and Miller park coming up. Those trips should cure what ails them

A-Rod two run tater dong! 2-2 against the Royals in the seventh.

Mussina went eight strong and allowed but two runs. Yes, it was against the Royals so it barely counts.

Cano is not doing so well this year is he

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