Incoming: Conspiracy To Drill High School Ump In Face?

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Matt T sends along an odd story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In this past weekend's Class AAA State Baseball Championship, the home plate ump took a pitch to the mug after a catcher ducked. The whole affair looked so suspicious that it actually prompted an apology.

"It looks bad, and most people who look at it come away with that conclusion," (Stephens County principal) Friend said. "But there have been whacky (sic) things that have happened in baseball and high schools, and all I'm going to conclude is that it does need to be investigated. If we're found to be at fault, we'll effectively deal with the situation."

Friend said he had interviewed his baseball coaches today and concluded they were not to blame. Friend said he had not finished talking to the players.
The article provides nothing in the way of a possible motive, but AJC high school baseball blogger Kurt Aschermann provided video over the weekend, and we're passing on the savings to you, the reader. Watch and judge for yourself.

My thoughts are as follows: "OMFG LOLZ."

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boom, bitch.

Back, and to the left.

Back....and to the left.

I don't see any problem with this at all. I also suffer from PaBS - Peek-a-Boo Syndrome. Much like Tourette's, I will be doing any number of normal activities when I will suddenly yell, "PEEK-A-BOO!" Then I drop to the ground in a little ball and giggle for 30 seconds.

Of course, that might just be the marijuana, too. Hard to say.

The article ends with, "(Stephens County principal) Friend also stated that suspicions had been aroused when the baseball that hit the umpire was found to be, in fact, a rotten egg."

That's the worst cross-up since Custer got a telegram saying "You must fall back STOP Retreat STOP."


The gayest thoughts you have ever had. I didnt know CTC was a 13 yr middle school girl.

Gotta go...POS

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