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dodgers chef.jpgWe all now how much I love me some MLBlogs. I've also made it known that I like the Dodgers. What you may not know about me is that I'm a Japanese Hot Pot aficionado. So, Andre Ethier's new restaurant review blog, Dining With Dre combines my passions in a way not seen since

Yes, kids, the young Dodgers' outfielder has found a place to let his taste buds type.

Thanks to everyone for taking a look at my new blog, where I'll be reviewing restaurants around the Los Angeles area throughout the season. I can't really call myself an expert or a true food critic, but I love to try new restaurants and so we though it would be cool to show off some of my favorites...or maybe some of those that I won't be going back to anytime soon.

Oh, snap. Take note restaurateurs of the greater Los Angeles area. 'Dre's not gonna spit out some fluff piece if he's not digging your chow. Watch out A.A. Gill! He's only reviewed one place so far and it was a Japanese joint in a strip mall. Ethier explains that he's got a taste for the orient ever since sampling some of the cuisine with Takashi Saito. Watch out, Mrs. Saito, nudge nudge. Am I right people? But I digress. Let's see what Andre has to say about the food.

"The salmon carpaccio we tried first, which was made of thin sliced raw salmon asparagus, white onion with extra virgin olive oil and ponzu sauce. It was excellent -- not any overwhelming taste -- just a great new twist on an old Italian staple."

"The first was the pork plate, containing business card thin slices and I emphasize "business card thin" because paper thin would just not be right. The pork is a great pink color -- almost a salmon tint. It is all lean with the exception of one side which contains a small strip of fat for that little extra flavor."

I actually took a culinary journalism class this spring. While Andre has a tendency to reuse some adjectives and modifiers (also I think he must have created a keyboard shortcut for "ponzu sauce") I definitely give him high marks for writing so in depth about the food. If Todd Jones tried to do this I imagine it would say, "The meat was fuckin' good. I flipped over the table."

So cheers to you, Andre. I'll keep reading. I look forward to your column about eating sushi off of Alyssa Milano.

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While I was in college, I reviewed restaurants for the student newspaper. I gave a sushi joint near campus a good review and they laminated my review and put it in the window. I gave a bad review to an Italian place near my apartment and one of their employees told me I was put on the enemies' list...but I went back about a year later and they had made most of the changes I suggested in my review.


Ethier ends every review with his signature signoff: "Screw Flanders."

Keep their heads ringing 'Dre

Clare is the Upton Sinclair of Wilmington, Del.

Howza bout i flip YOU over you homo.!

Goddamn it a post about food and baseball and NO BURGER JOKE?! You let me down, CTC.

I will not be satisfied until I read Eric Byrnes' dissertation on the gastronomical distinctions between TGIFriday's, Ruby Tuesday, and every other generic crap-on-the-wall side-of-the-highway glorified burger joint. "Naw, seriously, bra, lotsa people go to fancy restaurants, you know, but I just love the atmosphere there, you know? Plus the waitresses are real friendly, you know what I mean?"

Tommy Lasorda can't wait to hear Andre's take on ESPN Zone

The best part is that Andre Ethier could probably do Alyssa Milano.

Am I the only one who realizes that business cards are printed on a stock which is typically thicker than standard paper? I wouldn't say anything, but 'Dre went to great lengths to tell me just the opposite.

/smartest guy in the room

Do baseball players have business cards? Do they have their stats on it? Or do they just hand out baseball cards AS business cards? That would fucking rule.

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