Israeli Baseball Back for Round Two: That's Chutzpah!

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Perhaps you recall that earlier this year, the Israel Baseball League was on the brink of disaster after financial problems caused most of the board members to resign en masse. Well that was a real shande far di goyim because the league is working towards paying back salaries and crossing off debts.

Yes, the Israeli Baseball League is back and the first game will tentatively be July 27th.

Nobody ever accused Dan Rootenberg of lacking persistence. The former IBL player and the league's newest president is bringing back baseball to the West Bank, thanks to some last minute financial backing from a group of Boston businessmen.

"While it is important to acknowledge, correct and learn from the mistakes that happened in year one, at the same time, we cannot lose sight of the incredible accomplishments that were attained," said Rootenberg. "The goal of having a three-week season this summer is to keep the momentum going, build on the fan base that was created last summer ... and bring back the high level of talent," he said. "We hope that all of this will lay the groundwork for a 45-game season in 2009 and beyond."

L'chaim! A three-week season! I bet Dan Duquette feels like a real schnook now!

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Why can't every fucking baseball league be wrapped up in three weeks?

Yeah, NOW Dan Duquette feels like a schnook...

I went to an IBL game once. The play on the field was schlecht, but the concession-stand latkes were geshmak! My wife, the shikseh that she is, bought all of this schlock merchandise, which I then had to schlep around like some poor shlemazl.

UPDATE: Dan Duquette just plotzed.

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