Jake Westbrook Out For Season; Kevin Kennedy's Idiocy Still Going Strong

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christmas_story.jpgJake Westbrook's doctor slid his x-rays through a machine yesterday and a red light started flashing while a robot voice said "Arooogah. Tommy John Surgery. Aroogah." Dr. Lewis Yocum will be performing the surgery.

In other news Kevin Kennedy continues to be one of the most underrated morons on TV. When asked whether the Tigers would miss Jeremy Bonderman (also out) more than the Indians would miss Westbrook, I'm almost positive Kennedy said no because Westbrook is "dominant." The only reason I'm not 100% sure is because my brain cannot accept that someone who gets paid to watch and analyze baseball would say that.

Seeing stuff like that makes you miss the good guys even more. Rest in peace, Jim.

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CTC, I can vouch for you, I heard Kennedy say that Jake Westbrook was dominant as well.

I think by "dominant" he meant mediocre, overpaid, and in serious need of a shave.

Jim McKay will be missed.

Once again I want to cock punch everyone in here doing the wave. Its 2-2 after a 2 run tater dong by Chipper

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