Jerry Manuel Thinks He's Gangster, No Seriously

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homeykids.jpgMuch like a lot of kids I knew growing up in New Hampshire, Jerry Manuel is under the mistaken impression that he is "gangsta." After his dust up with Jose Reyes on Tuesday night, Manuel was asked what he said to his star SS and he responded:

"I told him the next time he does that, I'm going to get my blade out and cut him, right on the field. Hey, I'm a gangsta now. You go gangsta on me, I'm gonna have to get you now."

In fact, during Manuel's introductory press conference on Tuesday, he told reporters that he often uses the expression, "Gangstas on the field, ladies on the bus."

Jerry, if you were really gangster you'd know that now you HAVE TO STAB Jose Reyes. Talk is cheap, my man. As the drunken asshole outside my apartment repeatedly screamed at some other guy last week, "Real knows real!" If you just talk about cutting him and don't do it you'll be a phony. You'll be the Middle Aged Guy Who Cried Gangsta.

As for the second quote... no wonder the Mets are struggling. They're using all their resources on transporting criminals and women. Where the hell are the players supposed to go? Oh oh... you mean you call some ballplayers "ladies" and tell them they can't play. Well Jerry, at least you've got the Gangsta misogyny bit down pat.

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Gangstas on the left, brag shit to death
Ladies on the right, wild for the night

New York Mets with gang signs. G-g-g-gang signs.

To be fair, he has to carry a blade just to get through the Shea parking lot.

Gangstas on the field, ladies on the bus.

Where does that leave Moises Alou? The old folks home?

Not sure, but Rosa Parks refuses to get to the back of the bus.

If you just talk about cutting him and don't do it you'll be a phony.

That's a bad thing?

@matt_T: Ah ha, hush that fuss.

Well, fuck me in the Ruben Gotay

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