Joe Morgan Besmirches Ernie Banks, Is Completely Wrong

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ESPN baseball 'analyst' Joe Morgan is notorious for gallimaufries and assorted verbal miscues when talking about players during games. He'll misquote people, incorrectly recite stats, or worst of all, sully the career of one of baseball's all-time greats:

    But then Morgan did something completely bizarre: In the fifth inning, when Eric Patterson hit a two-run homer into the wire basket that overhangs the right field wall, Morgan referred to the basket as "Banks Boulevard," and then went on to talk about how many Ernie Banks homers ended up in the Wrigley bleacher baskets back in the day -- the implication being, of course, that many of Ernie's 512 career homers were cheapies, and that he would have hit considerably fewer without the help of those right- and left-field baskets.

Blogger Dan Epstein took umbrage at this statement and did the necessary research. Turns out the wire basket wasn't installed at Wrigley until May 1970, just over a year before Banks retired. It was installed, of course, to prevent the bleacher bums from falling over. Ernie hit only 7 homers in Chicago over that span, including his 500th that traveled deep into the bleachers, which certainly did not benefit from the basket.

Cubs blogs everywhere are up in arms over this denigration and some are even threatening a boycott over ESPN until Joe Morgan apologizes.

Folks, the day Joe Morgan apologizes is the day Joe Morgan admits he's wrong. That would require him to actually have a brain that processes binary information and produce an reasonable opinion. Not happening. It's just not consistent with his history of foibles.

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Ernie deserves two apologies: one from Joe and one from Bill Fremp.

It puts the homer in the basket.


Actually he deserves one from the entire Cubs roster and organization circa 1955- 1971.


Bravo, Rob, for working in the Joe-approved topic of "consistency." It required good concetration to get that in.


I gree with you they're.

By Rob Iracane on June 19, 2008 4:51 PM

I forgot Ernie Banks. He's a hack anyway.

Explain yourself, sir.

That was a quick way of saying "He's-a the best Cubs since Hack Wilson, anyway..."

Quit trading on your Italian heritage and admit you secretly hate Mr. Cub.

And doubleheaders. Baseball games, I mean - not dildos.

How's about-a pizza? I gotta no job!

The fact that Super Mario is a co-author of this blog is mind-numbing.

As pissed off as I was watching the game Sunday night, I was more disappointed that Ken Tremendous did not mention this in his post yesterday. If FJM won't even talk about this, how can we expect ESPN to acknowledge it?

Now excuse me whilst I write a strongly worded e-mail to Christmas Ape about an error in a recent piece by Miss Kolber.

I wish Joe would have been wrong about another team.

Nope. Now we get to hear incessant whines from the martyrs that are touchy Cub fans.

I'm going to go look up Joe's numbers to see how much whupass he used to lay on the Cubs back in the day. I'm guessing it was plenty.

@ pikkumatti: Good one.

Yeah, I wish Joe Morgan had been wrong about that Barack Obama instead. That socialist!

What does the Ernie Banks Signature hat have to say about this?

I still haven't recovered from Tim McCarver's extended discussion of yoga on Saturday....

Joe Morgan is the end result of a generation which does not read books.

It required good concetration to get that in.

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