J.P. Ricciardi: "Adam Dunn is the White Frank Thomas"

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Okay, perhaps those weren't the Blue Jays general manager's exact words but it certainly fits the spirit of his tete-a-tete with a caller on a Toronto radio show. The caller suggested the Blue Jays acquire Adam Dunn, who is currently employed by the Cincinnati Dustys and ranked seventh among NL outfielders this year with a .909 OPS. Why a general manager of a MLB team would ever stoop so low to take calls from dunderheaded listeners to a sports talk radio show is beyond my comprehension, but here was J.P.'s heated and seemingly irrational response:

"Do you know the guy doesn't really like baseball that much?" Ricciardi said to the caller. "Do you know the guy doesn't have a passion to play the game that much? How much do you know about the player?

"There's a reason why you're attracted to some players and there's a reason why you're not attracted to some players. I don't think you'd be very happy if we brought Adam Dunn here ...

"We've done our homework on guys like Adam Dunn and there's a reason why we don't want Adam Dunn. I don't want to get into specifics."

Jesus Christ, why don't the Blue Jays want Adam Dunn? Do they have inside information about Dunn's secret sex dungeon? Do his stats not translate well with the current Canadian dollar exchange rate? Does he clog the bases too much?

J.P. then said "He's a lifetime .230, .240 hitter that strikes out a ton and hits home runs."

"Yes, he hits home runs, which none of the Toronto Blue Jays are doing," the caller replied.

Zing! Plus one to the random caller to some random Toronto sports radio show!

(We owe a Coke to Bucs Dugout which is odd because this has nothing to do with the Pirates)

(And here's audio on Redleg Nation, thanks to Big League Stew)

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Wait... does he mean Frank Thomas now or at age 25? Because there is a difference of about 15 years and .80 avg.

I can play this game: J.P. Ricciardi is the retarded Billy Beane.

Hey J.P. - two birds with one stone. You get a guy who hits ding-dongs, and the Bills get a quarterback.

Adam Dunn's Secret Sex Dungeon is, quite frankly, the weirdest store at Mall of America.


Do fat people make you uncomfortable?

-Moment of Truth

N.B. Dave Bush is no-hitting the Blue Jays through four innings.

Let me reiterate: DAVE CUNTING BUSH is no-hitting the Blue Jays through four innings.

But the ladies of Lane Bryant want to freak you out if you know what I mean...

High five?


Back to work.

@Iracane - is that his given name? Man, some people have weird parents.

@Honeynut - they don't freak him out by hitting on him. It's when they suggest a larger size that really pisses him off.

Let me reiterate: DAVE CUNTING BUSH is no-hitting the Blue Jays through four innings.

You've spent some time with CTC lately, haven't you.

Prince Fielder inside-the-park homered, too.

Alex Rios just stood there like a bump on a log while the ball wedged itself between the bottom of the wall and the warning track as Fielder chugged around the bases. PICK IT UP, RIOS!

Dave Bush has reached seven innings in his no-hit bid.

Now a I am starting to get a bit excited.

Dearest Robby I,

May we have this game pwetty pweaze? You don'ts needs it at all - you've gots lots! Joba pitched real goodz, and you should be happy for that.


The Padways of San Deeyago

Farnsworth is in now. It's all yours.

Fucking Overbay. I disown you now! Now Bush will give up his customary 5 run inning. I guess I should go to work now.

Lyle Overbay triples.

/deletes no-hitter tribute post

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