La Vita Nuova: Today's Afternoon Game

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2:20PM - White Sox at Cubs: It's yet another World Series Preview but this is perhaps the unlikeliest of likelihoods. The Chicargo White Sox and the Chicargo Cubs are both first place teams; they haven't both been in first this late in a season for five years! The White Sox will send John Danks to the mound with his 2.90 ERA while the Cubbies counter with Ted Lilly. Expect to see Jim Thome playing first base today as Paul Konerko is on the D.L. with a strained left oblique. Don't expect to see any Wizard Cat defensive plays at first base, though: the big lug hasn't played in the field since last season. Says Ozzie Guillen: ''He'll prepare. I'm going to let him know that I don't want him doing anything at first base. Just catch the ball when they throw it to you. If they hit a ground ball and you miss it, blame it on me.''

Looks like Nick Swisher is your first basegentleman today.

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Wow, 5 whole years? Shouldn't someone at ESPN be writing an article about this important day in (instant) history?

Diggity Danks!

Does anyone know if Hooters' have interwebs connection? I've got one a driver and 5 iron from my office but never thought to ask.*

*easily distracted by large breasts

Looks like rain is the big winner in ChiTown right now.

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