Mariners Swept By Nationals, Somehow Not Relegated Yet

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Well if you thought things couldn't get any worse for the Seattle Mariners, you are severely and sorely mistaken. The worst team in the American League just finished up a three game series against the worst team in the National League by scoring just 10 runs and losing all three contests. The Mariners now sit 17.5 games out of first place in the AL West and their .348 "winning" percentage puts them on pace to lose 106 games. Hey, let's turn that inside out and give them a .652 losing percentage. That makes more sense! That's a hearty, robust number.

Let's turn to team beat writer and emo-blogger Geoff Baker for his thoughts on where the team might be headed:

"But I find it hard to believe that (CEO Howard) Lincoln is not at the breaking point after the M's were swept by a team that came in as the worst in the National League. He had to have heard the boos that filled the stadium when the last out of the M's 6-2 loss was made. This is a town that has extreme antipathy for their product. Management can't ignore that much longer."

"So now we'll wait and see if John McLaren survives, if Bill Bavasi survives, if Richie Sexson survives. It could get interesting."

Wait a minute...those sentences seem to be devoid of emotion and just present the facts in a rational manner. Why, it's not Geoff Baker at all but someone named Larry Stone! Geoff Baker hasn't blogged since Friday, when superstar M's closer J.J. Putz went on the disabled list Friday for the second time this season. Putz has a hyperextended pitching elbow, but with a two-day absence from blogging, I'm afraid Geoff Baker might have finally taken the plunge from the Space Needle.

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I figured someone as fit as Putz would be immune to injury.

Needle in the haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Needle in the haaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Is Howard Lincoln the only MLB exec who had his own cartoon in Nintendo Power? Somebody remind me if Ed Wade had one; I forget.

(Oh, it was actually Howard Phillips. Nevermind, then. Whatever, it's more fun if it's Howard Lincoln.)

Holy crap, Howard & Nester.

Rob, apparently you are not aware of Sexon's new, open-stance batting approach. He's AWESOME now!

Rob, apparently you are unaware of Sexson's new, open stance batting approach. He's AWESOME, now!

I'm an ass.

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