Massive Mariners Move: McLaren McFired

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As per Geoff Baker's emo-blog, dirty mouth John McLaren has been fired as manager of the Seattle Mariners. Smell ya later. Jim Riggleman becomes the interim manager.

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Riggle the handle.

So long, bumpkin! I think the final straw might have been his explanation that he moved Ichiro back to right because Ichiro got to too many balls in center.

My 9-year-old cousin from Seattle did an amazing impersonation of Richie Sexson over the weekend. Part one was the strike out with his astoundingly long arms and teeny tiny bat. Part two was a demonstration of Sexson's lopingly slow meander to first. It was AWESOME.

Jim Riggleman?! THAT Jim Riggleman?!
Was Jeff Torborg unavailable?

Was part three a demonstration of Sexson being DFA'd?

Torborg is too busy teaching his son wrestling moves.

Dallas Green turned the gig down.

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