Maybe If I Swear People Won't Think I'm Terrible At My Job

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By now I'm sure you've heard/seen John McLaren's sweary press conference from last night, but if not... well here you go:

Ooh, firey! Instead of swearing, McLaren should be thanking Vishnu he still has/ever got a managing gig. Yes this team had some weaknesses that some people may have overlooked, but they've sunk below anyone's most dire expectations. Geoff Baker is in rare form this morning. This is from his newest Staind titled, 25,000 word blog entry, "No One Immune":

The scary part of what McLaren said is that he was bang-on. Yes, scary. Not scary for me. Nor for the players, really, since they have yet to suffer any serious reprecussions for what's gone on other than losing some refreshments and towels post-game.

No, when I say scary, I'm talking about all of you. You should be very afraid for your team. And not just for this year. We're talking next season as well. I touched on this theme a few weeks back. About how management needed to gauge this club to see what the biggest problem was. A few weeks ago, I was convinced this was just a one-year happening. A convergence of events -- a Perfect Storm if you will -- that had contributed to send this $117 million luxury cruise liner to the bottom of the ocean. Add a few good hitters, I figured, and you could clean the mess up by next season and take another shot at contending.

Now, I'm not so sure. And judging by the actions -- or lack of action other than yelling and screaming -- by the team's ownership and management, I don't think they are too sure either. The Mariners seem to be an organization paralyzed by indecision. I feel for them. Because right now, if it was my finger on the button, I honestly could not say whether it's best to do that "two or three big bats" move or blow the whole thing up.
Apparently GM Bill Bavasi ordered all players to stand next to their lockers and discuss last night's loss. Baker had talked about how Felix Hernandez and others had made a habit of hiding out from the media until they left instead of answering tough questions. So in essence, THE MARINERS' SEASON HAS GOTTEN SO BAD THEY ARE NOW GROUNDED.

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This team has a $117 million payroll. Hooray!

They just got swept by an Angels team without any help from Vlad Guerrero, Chone Figgins, John Lackey or Kelvim Escobar.

AL West baseball! It's fan-tastic!

The shipmates, in their sore distress, would fain throw the whole guilt on the ancient Mariner.

Since when is "pissed off" a swear word? Fucking goddamned Christian fuckers in the FCC.

His hair line almost gives him a "natural mohawk." Pretty hip.

I want to give Geoff Baker a hug. Hang in there fella

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