Mets Seek Younger Outfield, Trade for Trot Nixon

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Lost in all of this Willie Randolph hemming and hawing is the recent arrival in the Mets outfield: youngster Trot Nixon! He'll replace the ancient right-fielder Moises Alou on the ol' depth chart. Late Friday night, GM Omar Minaya obtained the young prospect from the Diamondbacks triple-A club in Tucson in exchange for cash and/or players to be named later. Kid went 2-for-3 with a double and 2 walks in his Met debut Sunday but then had a sad 0-for-4 outing.

Wait a minute...this is the same Trot Nixon from the Red Sox? The same washed-up 34-year-old who slugged .336 last year for the Indians? The same guy who inspired this treacle?

Farewell and adieu to your season, Mets fans.

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Minaya is simply fortifying his CV for a run at the Mariners job.

The only thing they could do to look worse at this point is adopt the old White Sox short pants softball-style uniforms.

This might not be all that bad for the Mets, according to Trot, his bat has been blessed by Jesus.

But Trot increases a team's clubhouse "presence" by 50 widgets, or whatever the hell they measure presence with these days.

that vid made Nixon Trot into my heart

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