Mike Hargrove Prefers Liberal Bee Jays

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Ever since skipper Mike Hargrove up and left the Seattle Mariners last July, the M's have taken a turn for the worse. The team was on an eight-game winning streak to push their record to 45-33, but Hargrove felt his dedication to the game could not match what he expected from the players, so he left. Since then, Seattle has gone 67-87, fired their GM and hitting coach, and caused one beat writer to question the existence of God.

But shed no tears for Hargrove because he's landed on his feet in a familiar place, managing a team he once played for: the Liberal Bee Jays, a semi-pro team in Liberal, Kansas. The Bee Jays play in the Jayhawk Conference, a summer league in the illustrious Sunflower State. How's their season going?

"After blowing late leads Saturday and Sunday at Hays (Kan.), the Bee Jays are 3-5 overall and 1-4 in the Jayhawk League, not what their manager envisioned as the months rolled by and he came to some conclusions after his abrupt end to last season."

Make your own jokes, folks.

(We owe a Coke to David Pinto at Baseball Musings)

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Conservative Bee Jays are usually more angry and focused and thus more likely to win.

I'm not surprised the Bee Jays have a losing record. That lineup has no teeth.

The Bee Jays only get to third base.

I've actually been to Liberal. Liberal Bee Jays? Not so much.

Bill Clinton!

/jay leno

According to their website, they count Tom Ball and Alvis Ballew among their alumni.

You'd think the liberal Blue Jays would include Luis Tiant.

Blue Jays, Matt? Really?

god dammit.

Matt, you get this today.

Thus Hargrove continues the tradition of shitty managing he started in The Cleve.

Yeah those two World Series appearances were total shit. Boo! Booo!

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Adjusts tie, shakes head, makes weird noises

/Conan doing Leno

With the talent Grover had there is no excuse for losing both those series. That's my unfounded, biased opinion and I'll stand behind it.

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