Mike Scioscia Is Sitting On A Powder Keg And Grinning Like An Idiot

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scoreboard.jpgMy other Italian friend Mike DiGiovanna at the LA times passes along a bit of optimistic delusion from Angles manager Mike Scioscia. The skipper says he thinks his team has the potential to score more than 6 runs a game. O RLY, MIKE?

"I think our lineup, with the way we run the bases, with what our guys can do when they hit stride, is pretty deep," the Angels manager said. "I think we have the potential to score more than 5-6 runs a game. We've seen glimpses the last couple of weeks, but we need more."

he Angels averaged 4.8 runs a game in April. Then leadoff batter Chone Figgins was injured, and they sank to an average of 3.6 runs in May, a month in which they hit .230.

But Vladimir Guerrero went on a tear in June, Maicer Izturis got hot, Casey Kotchman continued to produce and Gary Matthews Jr. began to warm. Howie Kendrick returned May 30 after a six-week absence because of injury, and Figgins returned June 13, and the Angels upped their average to 4.3 runs in June.

There's no doubt the Angels are hitting better. The team as a whole is hitting stride and looks like they're getting ready to run away with the NL AL West. But +6 runs a game? Let's do some math here.

Let's give Scioscia the benefit of the doubt, and say "more than six runs" means just 6.5. That's still asinine. 6.5 X 162 = 1053 runs. Something that very few teams are cut out for let alone an Angels team that scored just over 800 runs last year.

There's definitely a lot of room for improvement, with the Angels currently 11th in the league in runs scored. But Mike, let's just all sit down, take a deep breath and look at this rationally.

"If we can maintain this," Scioscia said, "we should be able to pressure teams every inning."


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If the Angels win the NL West this year I will seriously go banana sauce.

It's not often that the peyote tag gets some usage.

As long as all the games are played on the road then yes, anything is possible.


I am positive that the Angels could score 6 runs a game if they played in the NL West

If the Angels run away with the NL West, I can go after the AL West for a rebound fuck?

Mike Scioscia Is Sitting On A Powder Keg And Grinning Like An Idiot

I'd be grinning too if I had a ding dong the size of a powder keg.

At least he's not sitting on a powder keg and giving off a spark...


Uh... yeah. Fixed. Sorry. I make lots of mistakes. That makes me endearing, right?



But he is still "Holding out for a Hero", isn't he?

"The team as a whole is hitting stride and looks like they're getting ready to run away with the AL West."

Not if the A's have anything to say in the 2nd half, where they historically have a winning percentage of 1.580.


Mike Scioscia is holding out for gyros, but mostly just so he can ask for triple tzatziki. He drinks that stuff like it's going out of style.

You start those guys, yet you just swept the Phillies. ARGH.

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