Mildly Interesting Internet Rumor: Rick Peterson Shitcanned

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As per the peripatetic Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, New York Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson has been shown the door. I believe the door led out of Angel Stadium since the Mets are currently visiting Anaheim. Will says it cannot be confirmed but we here at Walkoff Walk feel that if we mark something as a wild internet rumor, we can say anything we want.

Anyway, I have no inside information as to how the Mets organization works or how well/poorly Rick Peterson was as a pitching coach. Still, I feel bad for the guy and hope whomever engineered such a shoddily-assembled pitching staff will truly receive the brunt of the punishment.

UPDATE: It's not true, sez Mr. Carroll. His sources were about as reliable as a drunken retarded squirrel.

SECOND UPDATE: Oh it was true. The entire staff got shitcanned.

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