Nick Swisher Wears Hand Me Downs

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pants.jpgNick Swisher credits two things for his recent hitting renaissance:

1. The help of hitting coach Greg Walker

B. Toby Hall's pants.

Swisher was batting .201 after the Sox lost their third straight at Tampa Bay on June 1. After going 11-for-26 on the homestand, Swisher has upped his average to .228.

"I couldn't be happier,'' Swisher said. "You have to take the good times with the bad.''

Swisher also credited Toby Hall for his recent tear. He's been wearing the backup catcher's pants.

"They're coming with me to Detroit,'' Swisher said.

How does that conversation go? Hey man, I'm not hitting can I wear your pants? Yeah sure no worries, I'm just a backup catcher I dont use them anyway. Just don't take my sweatpants.

Ozzie Guillen thinks they're both fags.

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I'm wearing Monty Hall's pants right now. They smell bad.

Hooray for Moneyball and vagrancy!

iii. Twins pitching staff

Would you call what's going on in the Sox' locker room...a pants party?

/punches self in face

He'll really turn it on when he starts wearing Mark Buehrle's apathy.

If Swisher were to wear Hall's pants with Giambi's golden thong, would...I'm sorry I can't finish, gotta throw up

Is this like a Cuba Gooding-Michael Jordan thing? And what's the deal with MJ's high-waisted pants in that commercial? Am I right, people?

MJ wears high wasted pants... What's up with that?

-Cliff Clavin

That's nothing. Mae Mordabito hit .310 in the AAPGL while wearing a skirt and no panties.

Ozzie may think they are fags. But if they keep hitting TaterTots, who the fuck cares.

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