Pedro Martinez Was Effective, Barry Zito Was Barry Zito

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In one of those West Coast-type games that you most likely slept through, Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez made just his second start of the 2008 season in front of real live actual Mets fans in San Francisco. He was successful, throwing six whole innings and allowing just three runs. That's one of them quality starts. Heck, Pedro even added two hits and an RBI with the ol' wooden bat. His opponent last night, however, did not fare so well. Take it, San Jose Mercury News beat writer Andrew Baggarly:

    The Giants' season is taking on a familiar pattern: Two steps forward, one plunge off a 30-story building. On a blustery Tuesday night, they might as well have fallen from a Manhattan skyscraper. Barry Zito, Vinnie Chulk and some shaky glovework contributed to an eight-run fifth inning - the largest by a Giants opponent in more than two years - as the New York Mets took a 9-6 victory at AT&T Park.

   Pedro Martinez, who pitched for the first time since April 1, tossed six innings and even lined two hits to earn the win. He and Zito once met in a charged playoff atmosphere, but Martinez is trying to work his way back from a hamstring injury and Zito is just trying to find his way out of a fog.

Zito ended up allowing six runs on seven hits and five walks and the Giants' infield defense was about effective as a bunch of retarded squirrels, committing three errors. Even The Most Prodigious Defensive Shortstop in the History of Baseball© Omar Vizquel bobbled a would-be double play that led to a run.

After leaving the game in the seventh, Pedro was greeted by thunderous cheers from the hundreds of displaced Mets fans who invaded AT&T Park. That's just rubbing salt on the wounds for the thousands of disappointed Giants fans.

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Zito is just trying to find his way out of a fog.

In that case San Francisco is probably the wrong place for him.

hundreds of displaced Mets fans who invaded AT&T Park.

So you're telling me we need a bigger fence around that field we put em all in?

I swear Zito's gonna pop off 5 wins in a row.

It sounds like Andrew Baggarly has caught the emo from Geoff Baker

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