Peter Angelos Tightens Grip on Orioles Ownership, Mesothelioma

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Legendary sportscaster Jim McKay passed away last week. Sports fans everywhere remember his work calling several Olympics and hosting the Wide World of Sports on ABC, but Maryland residents remember the Loyola College alum for his work at the behest of his adopted state, including his minority ownership in the Baltimore Orioles.

Way back in the halcyon days of 1993, McKay joined a group that included ambulance-chaser Peter Angelos, tennis star Pam Shriver, novelist Tom Clancy, Diner director Barry Levinson and some black dude to purchase the Orioles from owner Eli Jacobs, who was selling the team to recover from personal bankruptcy. Fast forward fifteen years and it is the Orioles success as a team that has been bankrupted. Zing!

After Angelos' group defeated Bill DeWitt's bid to purchase the team, McKay was quoted as such:

"Our reason was we love the Orioles, and we thought local ownership was vital. The most frequent thing we hear from fans when we go to games is not 'Congratulations,' but 'Thank you.' "

After McKay's passing, I can only guess that Angelos will assume control over McKay's small percentage ownership in the team and devour his corpse.

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That picture has never been more appropriate.

Angelos is responsible for the bird flu

Angelos gave me bird mites.

I'm attorney Jim Sokolove, and I approve this message.

He is also responsible for high insurance rates and he is the reason why we have to sign those damn consent forms every time we want to do anything.

I love Angelos, hope he lives to be 150, and never sells the team. Then again, I hate Baltimore. As awful as Ben Affleck is, I've watched The Sum Of All Fears dozens of times just to see Baltimore get nuked.

Baltimore is so trashy it makes Cleveland look like a nice place to live. ZING!!

C'mon, bc twins fan, The Cleve barely even makes the top ten in illiteracy, murder, venereal disease or stabby linebackers. Baltimore is #1 across the board.

That's why you should like the town. It makes "The Cleve" look good. It's the same reason why my fiance picked her fat friends to be bridesmaids in our wedding. Good for her, bad for my groomsmen.

Are you kidding me? I used to get so liquored up at weddings that fat bridesmaids were more than welcome.

I guess you are right. They are usually the easiest too. We are having an open bar for the entire night so there is a good chance that some fatties and ugos are going to get some action.

AL Central flame war! You both lose!

We are just having fun Rob. We need something to distract us from our teams woes.

McKay's interest in the team will be placed in trust and managed by Jack Whitaker and Roone Arledge.

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